Turning stereo to surround

Mike Rotfort

Sep 23, 2013
Hello community,
I am completely new, to be honest this is my first thread.
Backround first: After a long time without having any sort of headsets i have come to understanding that I need one. So I have decided to purchase one that has surround, but then after seeing alot of models I have come to a conclusion that I can buy a nice pair of stereo headset (sennheiser pc 360 ) and modify it to have a virtual surround sound.
Question time: Is it really possible to do what i want to do ( turning stereo to surround )? and if so..how? what hardware do i buy? and how do i make it work?
Thanks in advance to all helpers!! :)


stereo sound will never (let me repeat that to be perfectly clear: never) be the same as true surround sound.

in essence all that is done is to emulate sounds coming from behind they are played at different timings, volumes and pitches than sounds coming from the front. in this way you can correctly guess where sounds are coming from.

you shouldnt need to buy any hardware. this is emulated with software.

Mike Rotfort

Sep 23, 2013

the thing is.. that from my point of view there is absolutly no need for multiple speakers (sound sources) in each ear since we only have 2 of them plus if there is multiple speakers then the drivers must be smaller and smaller driver=worse sound qualiy. thats how i understand things.

back on topic:
are you sure that i dont need to get any sort of sound card or any sound hardware that turnes the non surround sound comming out from the computer into a surround sound in the headset?( I am refering to stuff such as astro Mixamp ) .


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