Turns on then off immediately or sometimes after a little while

Aug 6, 2018
I have a laptop hp 3032 tx dv6
It has recently had a problem where it doesn’t turn on and turns off as soon as i press the power button, flashing led’s once. Sometimes the hp logo comes and proceeds to start and turns off on windows logo. A few days ago it turned on fine and was working completely in all it’s entirety.

Could this be over heating cause it does get very hot sometimes.
As you load more Apps, the thing needs to wait for each App to end "nicely" so this is normal, unless it takes MINUTES, I wouldn't obsess about it.

Try just sleeping the dang thing, rather than turning it completely off. Today's electronics don't need to be OFF completely, like your smartphone. Sleep, you just shut the lid, walk away.
Panic. Under warranty I hope?

If it's not turning on, that's bad news, is not user-serviceable, there is no secret magic button.

Have to ask yourself because you are not disclosing, WHAT HAPPENED? dropped, banged, water damage? let someone borrow it?
Aug 6, 2018
Thanks for all the replys btw.

Its nothing like that, it used to work fine, suddenly while i was gaming, it turned off. Possibly due to over heating ... it has an aluminium body that did used to get very hot. Then it from that day never turned on. Just used to go off after 1-2 secs. Sometimes it turns on to the windows screen but thats it. Then i put it away in closet. Then a few days ago i took it out and turned it on, worked fabulously. Then i turned it off after use - fifa played, wifi worked, all my old work FINE.
After turning it off, same old problem.
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