Tv only works with some sources?


Nov 14, 2015
Hey, I've got an Amazon fire tv hooked up to my Toshiba 65H14 through its only hdmi port. This has worked just fine for about a year, then just stopped showing video suddenly last week. I figured it was a weird software update on the fire tv and Amazon would just roll out an update to fix it. I had some time to troubleshoot and here are my findings. Not sure where to go from here:

  • ■ Fire tv worked fine with the current setup for a year
    ■ Now it boots up, shows the amazon logo, then when fully booted only shows a blue screen (but does actually function.
    ■ I switched fire tv #1 on tv #1 with fire tv #2 on tv #2.
    ■ The "bad" fire tv works on the other tv and the "good" fire tv does not work on the first tv.
    ■ Using a brand new hdmi cable changes nothing.
    ■ Booting up the blu-ray player has the same issue - it shows the logo while booting, then blacks out the screen when it's done.
    ■ Hooking my laptop up to the tv works fine.

So what's going on here? Is there some sort of video mode that stopped working on the tv or something?