Tv to stereo without tv out


Dec 10, 2017
I have samsung 5-series 5003 FHD TV, I want to connect with my sony stereo but TV has no audio out no RCA, NO optical, no digital, only two internal speakers are there, please help to me.

Robert Ban

Jul 30, 2014
Are you sure that it doesnt have optical?If not there is way via HDMI but in this thread
it says that it need to be capable of something, in manual there says that its capable of muting tv speakers soo an external box is capable of reproducing via HDMI output for analog left and right thats your only way otherwise there is no other way, you could test it its not expensive just 20$

Could you take picture of back side if its not the problem cause there are variations between tv models.Does it have slot on left or right side?
You can wire a speaker to line level converter to the wires that connect the TV internal speakers. That will give you a variable line level output. Not electrically complicated but you will have to get into the TV and void the warranty.
If you want to switch between the internal and external sound you would need to wire a switch or use external jumpers to turn the TV speakers on.
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