UHD Smart TV OR FHD Curved Smart TV


Oct 22, 2016

So im in the market in buying a TV and i came across these 2, they are in my budget and getting from a company who only has these and some others. so please dont recommend other tv's :p.

TV 1) https://www.samsung.com/za/tvs/uhd-mu7000/UA55MU7000KXXA/
TV 2) https://www.samsung.com/za/tvs/full-hd-m6500/UA55M6500AKXXA/

Which one would you buy and why? (they both 55")

I like TV 2 because its curved however TV 1 is UHD + is 4K and NOT curved.
Plus TV 2 has reviews on YouTube unlike TV 1. Not really a big thing but seeing as people are reviewing it to me says its a popular TV. But i wanted you guys opinions!

Thanks allot!
For myself the curve adds nothing of value. Maybe if you are going to sit really really close for gaming but for general use you won't sit that close.
4k and especially HDR offers potentially a much better experience as more content is available.