Underclocking GPU to prevent high notebook temps?


Sep 17, 2013
I've been really pulled in by ultra-thin gaming notebooks like Gigabyte's P35G (V2-CF2) and MSI's GS60, both of which come with either a GTX 860M or 870M. However, I've also heard that both run quite hot - as in irresponsibly hot.

Would it be possible/easy to underclock and undervolt the GPU when gaming on my lap? In general, I don't need the full power of an 870M, but I would like it to be *available* to me.

If this is a viable solution, would I be better off going with the 860M if I would be undervolting/clocking the 870 anyway - or does the 870 provide other worthwhile benefits? In fact, the GS60 comes with an 850M variant, which would probably be fine for my gaming needs, but it doesn't have any temperature-tracking reviews, so I don't know if it's worth the trade-off.

Please, any thoughts or experience with this, additional insight is appreciated!
In laptops I don't think you can underclock your gpu. If you don;t need that much gaming power are sufficed with med settings which in my opinion is the best for laptops with a thin build then get the gtx 850m The other 2 cards are much faster but like you said they will make the laptop hot and will drain the battery which beats the point of a portable laptop.