undetected usb port


Mar 5, 2014
I am trying to work with my cell phone on my computer..
When I plug it in it shows my phone is charging, so there is some kind of connection going on.
It is not being recognized on my computer though...which is what I need it to do.
Any advice?

Shaun o

First time you have connected it to to the computer or laptop.

You need to get the brand of the mobile phone, its model name and number.
If you wish to transfer any kind of data to and from it such as pictures, contact numbers, music or video.

You have to download the software for it first and install it on your computer.
As the program also comes with a usb driver to recognise the phone when plugged into the computer via USB.

Do a Google search with the brand, name and model number of the phone, and add drivers or the word software at the end.

Download the program and install it to the pc.
Once done connect your phone to the usb port.
You may be asked while it is installing to connect your phone to the laptop via the usb cable.

The phone will only charge because the usb driver has not been installed for it on the computer in question.

Once done if an Android device or phone, it will ask you, on the phone if you want to charge the device or mount the memory card to the laptop to copy, move, backup or transfer files to and from the phone to the computer.