Unity games requiring DX11 only run on integrated graphics


Feb 5, 2014
Been struggling with this for a few days now. Games that use the Unity engine do not work when set to use my GTX 970m. But they will run if I set them to use the integrated graphics card. When I start the games they seem to start and the audio plays but nothing happens video-wise (no black screen, just nothing happens). The mouse cursor changes to the game's cursor and it seems to be running as I can't click anything in the background (have to alt+tab out of them).

Games I've tried: Battlerite, Worlds Adrift and Hearthstone.

Battlerite has the option of running in DX9 in case of crashes and that makes it work, the others not so much.

Troubleshooting steps that have had no effect:

* Updated GeForce drivers

* Reinstalled drivers both normally and with DDU

* Reinstalled affected games.

* Reset PC to factory settings and updated both windows and the drivers.

* Set launch option in steam to -w to force window mode

* Changed resolution in windows to lower resolution, launched game, then set it back to 1920x1080.

* Other various things I've found on Google.

System specs:

Acer Predator 17

Windows 10 Home (10.0.17134)

Intel i5-6300HQ

Intel HD Graphics 530/Geforce GTX 970M

16GB Ram
use drivers from the homepage of acer, be sure it´s your exact model:

Especially install nvidia, Intel graphics, Intel ME (Management Engine), chipset

Check event manager of windows

The Laptop is connected to a working internet connection? If it´s only steam based games, maybe steam is not reachable?

Do you use any software which is running in the background while trying to start the games? Like Antivirus,
Dec 28, 2018
I used to have the same issues, it helped me to reinstall Nvidia Driver 391.35 instead of the newer versions and additionally reinstall the intel VGA driver from the link above.
I have a predator 17 G9-792, i7 6700HQ, Gtx 980M,Intel HD graphics 530.

Good luck to you!
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