Upgrading Alienware x15 GPU


Sep 18, 2016

I just bought Alienware x15 (15 inch model without numeric keyboard, bummer, but only Alienware for reasonable price (200$) )
and Im looking forward to keep upgrading it.) but I need help.

I need to know which GPUs will fit into chasis.
My budget is about 100$, with +- 50$ deviation, I don´t mind used GPUs.
(Most games Im gonna be playing on it is up to year 2012, on later games I have gaming PC) Im preffering Nvidia cards, but I don´t have problem with AMD cards.

Also- Can I fit in just any kind of notebook RAM?

Also, is overclocking (Intel Core i7 Q720) possible?

Why I did bought it for 200$, planning to spend lot more on upgrading it, when I could bought laptop with more power for same price of upgraded AW 15? Well, I just like how the AW looks xD

Okey, thank you very much! :D