Upgrading my CPU in old Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 40


Jun 8, 2015
I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E40 with a Intel Pentium P6100-Arrandale Socket 989 rpga 32 nm. My motherboard is a 05794AC. Chipset is Intel-havendale/clarkdale Host Bridge Rev.02 South Bridge is- Intel HM55 Rev.06 Bios 80ET49WW (1.26)

I know how to install the chip but I've never looked up a processor for something this old and I'm abit lost on what's compatible with it.

This is my girlfriends computer and i was hoping to make a little hobby out of it while she's away. I plan on upgrading the 2gb ram to 8gb and swapping the hardrive for a SSD.

I don't mind if its a small step up in cpu or a big step but the best is what im looking for in this old thing.



That list if for two models the E40 and E50. The i7 they list on that page has a different socket than the P6100, you should check your specific system and check for a BIOS update listing to see if it had different CPUs listed.