USB data pins behavior while laptop is sleeping/hibernating


Oct 6, 2016
Hello all.

I would like to know how the data pins from USB behave while the laptop is sleeping/hibernating/off.

I am building a gadget to detect if the laptop is on state and off state. (referring off as turned off/sleeping/hibernating). In order to turn a USB hub off. (I know it is useless but it is JFF).

Back in the university days I remember that the data pins had pull up resistors. Yesterday I Google it and found nothing.

I don't want to do via Voltage rails because, obviously the USB from a self powered supply will keep them up.

I tried with the SATA 5V rail, but, I'm going to have to remove the HDD or the optical driver.

If I try by the current being drained from the laptop walwart adapter, seems a good idea, but having no power at the outlet does not mean that the laptop is off.

Any ideas?