USB pen drives not playing on TV

Dec 31, 2018
The [strike]memory sticks[/strike] pen drives have not been damaged & they play fine on my laptop & on another TV. The tv is a smart tv 4k 49 " curved & no trouble apart from the [strike]stisks[/strike] pen drives suddenly not playing. The TV recognises the usb's but will not play them
Not all TV USB ports do the same thing, and you definitely cannot say "it works on the laptop" because TV USB ports have much less, less capability than a laptop.

Assuming this same stick worked before on the same TV, I guess you could try to factory reset the TV see what happens. Did you reformatted the stick? 'cuz TVs are finicky on the device's formatting.



You may think he is being patronizing, but your original post never said that pen drive "A" had worked on the 4K 49inch TV. It said it worked on "my laptop and another TV". So @jsmithepa is trying to ensure that we are all communicating clearly by asking if pen drive "A" had previously worked on the 4K 49 inch TV. I would have asked the same question.