Used big dish digital receivers


Jun 23, 2010
i have an older, large, mesh big dish, movable, analog c band. needs many parts replaced. have been searching for used parts and some new ones. i need to know before i invest any money, what parts to buy and what not to get ripped off on. my intent is fta, 4dtv, possibly internet. i do not have ku. all the parts that make the dish work need to be replaced. should i invest in the ku/c feedhorn as well? i know i need the lnb and servo motor switch, and feed horn. the arm mover works am not sure if i need to replace that even tho it probably could use it. I do not have the money to waste. i have found many dish network/direct tv receivers, but i dont think they will work on my system. i really need to find a good used 4dtv sidecar.

i bought a new house antenna when the analog went to digital, i get 5 local channels but would certainly enjoy having other options as well.

is this worth investing in? i got many years of use out of this already old dish when i moved in here. i miss all my analog stuff!

lynda in s.e. ohio



Well a mesh dish has many disadvantages compared to a solid dish. For one, interference is not shielded from the horn. It also has much less gain. etc...etc...
So I would say don't dump any more money into it. Buy a new, solid, smaller, dish. It will work better as far as picture quality and gain, and shields the feedhorn from terrestrial interference.


Jun 23, 2010
thanks i will consider it but i really do not have the money to pay for services each month, which is why i really like the big dish. i did pick up a used buzz fta, but it seems the only channels it looks for are digital, so until i upgrade the other dish parts i guess i am out of luck there.
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