used Comcast DVR boxes without paying for DVR service is this possible or do I need to add DVR features to my monthly service?


Oct 8, 2013
I have Comcast digital cable at my house with two hd boxes hooked up. I recently tracked down some Comcast hd dvr boxes, used, on eBay. I don't currently have anything DVR at my house or on my plan but I am just wondering if I could buy these Comcast branded HD DVR boxes, hook them up, and be able to record using the DVR feature in the boxes without paying anything extra?

Thanks in advance for any help/insight and as always, have a great day! :)


You do not own the set top boxes you get from Comcast. You only lease them from Comcast. This holds true for every Comcast customer. Therefore, every Comcast box you see for sale, either on E-Bay or Craigslist is technically, stolen property. Comcast finds out when you try to hook it up and get the device activated (which you must do in order to get it to work). At that point, they'll either charge you with purchasing stolen property (unlikely) or they'll simply start billing you for leasing their property.

If you want DVR capabilities without having to lease a set top DVR box, your best bet would be to get a cablecard ready device for a Home Theater PC. You still have to lease a device from Comcast, but with the right networking, you could get charged $2/month vs. $17/device/month. Look into the following devices:

SiliconDust HD HomeRun Prime
Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650
Ceton InfiniTV4 USB
Ceton InfiniTV4 PCI-E
Ceton InfiniTV6 PCI-E

-Wolf sends
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