Uverse coax- box needed with composite output. cheap solutions ? (recording is a plus)


Nov 10, 2015
Hi all
i am working on a freinds cable setup.
they have ATT-Uverse. No wireless.

They had bought a "TV" that is very large, maybe 40inches,
but, i think its made as a monitor for bar rooms etc...
i only see composite inputs...(yellow, blue, white) thats all.

i tried using an old DVD player, plugging the coax into the DVD
and using the composite output to the TV/monitor.

it works, but after a few seconds,, the picture gets darker and fuzzy
it keeps fading in and out every 5 seconds or so.

so i need something that will break out the signal, but, stable ?

would something like this work ?
i dont know what ATSC is...

I am also exploring other options for them.
they want to keep the costs down, especially monthly.
i am considering a Kodi or HTPC .
it has to be relatively simple, as i am their tech guru :)
can you record with the Kodi or with a HTPC ?
also can you get Disney, MSNBC and CNN ?

thanks all...


It will be most helpful if you find a model number for the monitor so that we can have the benefit of pictures, user's manual etc. I would expect that Uverse encrypts all channels and requires a set-top-box for decryption. The device you linked would work with an off air antenna but probably not with Uverse.
Before you get stuck in details I think you need to determine if that monitor is working. When you play a DVD does the picture fade as you describe? If the DVD player is OK on another TV then the monitor is bad and they need to get their money back if possible.
ATSC is the over the air HD digital TV system for the US. They would need an antenna of some kind to tune in the channels as well as a box like the one you link to. Some HD tuners have PVR functions built in. No monthly charges at all.
Most people would not like KODI as a substitute for cable or ova TV. You spend a lot of time looking for streams and programs you want to watch, Not for someone that just wants to tune a channel, settle back and watch a show. Can be a good second source added to ova TV or basic cable depending on their comfort with using tech.


Nov 10, 2015

They were still testing it, to see if a DVD would still fade.
i had tried 2 DVD players and both faded, but they said that TV/monitor was working fine a couple of days ago
i left a message, they are all working today.

i am tending to think you are right about them not being tech-savy enough to be comfortable with Kodi

They pay for basic cable from ATT, so if they get something like this can it actually record shows ?
this "might" fix the fade problem, and give them the ability to record ?

thanks for the replies
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