Vaio laptop blackscreen


Aug 18, 2015
My nieces Vaio powers up, windows boots, says it's starting, then the screen goes black, but is backlit. Hit control/alt/delete and the screen goes back to normal, then asks if I want to log off, change users e5c. Please help

Try these steps that might help you solve that problem.

- Press CTRL+ALT+DEL then select Task Manager.
- Once Task Manager is opened on the top left corner of it select File then click on New Task or Run New Task
- In the box where you can type in something, type "explorer.exe" then press OK
- If your desktop comes on you need to disable some of your start up items to speed up the boot up of your laptop.
- Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open task manager again.
- Go to the tab for Startup
- Disable some of your startup items that you don't need.