Feb 26, 2015
I recently bought a 2013 refurbished/new ultrabook, 3.6 pounds, a third generation quad core i7-3635QM CPU, gorgeous 1600x900 touchscreen, all aluminum body, great keyboard, great trackpad, latest wifi (ac), Bluetooth, usb 3.0, 8 gb memory, 256 gb SSD, boots windows 10 in 6.5 seconds! Somehow better specs than most 2014, '15, and '16 notebooks in the market new for less than $1000.
Benchmarks are also better than most new notebooks in that price range. Video and photo editing is faster than some '14 and '15 mobile workstations from dell and HP that cost several thousands dollars. It can play the few games I like in medium settings due to integrated video card. But overall this litte notebook is the best deal I could have gotten for my money and only cost me $299.

So, bottom line is that many people get to wonder if they have to buy the latest machine for their use, but they don't. A good, quad core cpu, even a three generations behind like this one, will always be better than than a last generation i7 dual core, and any i3 or i5 dual core and most quad core of the last generation. But you sure can save a ton of cash!


Jun 1, 2016
The problem with older laptop chips in my experience is that they drain battery much quicker than their newer counterparts and a laptop with crappy battery life is a real pain in the ass.