Variable line level controls on MOTU 828MKII?



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Is there really no variable line level control on this unit? All I see
is -10, +4 and boost on CueMix, but is there some way to adjust line
level inputs on the front panel? I really have a problem recording live
shows when the line volumes change and clicking one of the
aforementioned CueMix buttons during a song isn't really an option, nor
is yelling out to whoever's giving me the feed, such as a keyboard
player on stage. Other software consoles have line level controls, and
I'm considering getting the Echo Audio Firewire8 if it works well on
Mac OSX.

I know I can probably run a mixer or compressor between the line and
the MOTU. Or maybe there's a passive rackmount line level controller,
or I can make one if I know what value pots to use. Thanks.


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> Is there really no variable line level control on this unit? All I see
> is -10, +4 and boost on CueMix

I'd believe it. Manufacturers are reluctant to put gain adjustments on
the inputs of their devices for a couple of reasons. First, it's more
parts and either more knobs (expensive) or digitally controlled
attenuators (more menuing) - they want their unit to cost no more than
the other guy's. Second, anything that they put in the signal path,
even a pot, will introduce some noise and compromise their prescious,
un-necessarily good signal-to-noise ratio spec. Like the cost issue,
they don't want to look any worse than the other guys.

So they leave the dirty work to you, and if you add another 2 dB of
noise (down at the -110 dBu level), well, that's your fault, not
the fault of the product.

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