Verizon in France


Apr 27, 2011
I am going to France on May 4th. How can I get email on my Droid? and what would be the cost. I don't care about using the phone part. Also, can I set my droid up as a "hot spot" to use my laptop? Again, if so,what is the cost and how do I do it,
Thank you. 615-406-7039
i'm not certain what type of network france uses. most verizon phones are CDMA so they most likely wont be able to connect. if you bought a global capable phone then you might be able to connect to their network. i'm not sure if everything will automatically work or if you need to talk to someone to get everything to work. calling verizon isn't a bad idea. they have a call center in the usa so it shouldn't be any trouble.

as for getting email you should be able to connect to any local open wifi. for tethering it would depend on if your phone can connect to their networks. find the answer for your first question and you would have an idea about the second.

in general, i would highly suggest talking to a verizon rep (not the ones in a verizon store) but the ones on the phone. they can transfer you to whom best can answer the question.