Very strange laptop battery situation


Oct 27, 2016
Hello everyone,

I've been experience a strange situation with my Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7100 laptop. You see, the original battery that it came with started to degrade and lose capacity, as batteries do. As such, I ordered a replacement battery.

However, the battery wouldn't charge. I thought they maybe I'd gotten a dud, so I ordered another battery with higher capacity. Same thing occurred. So, I replaced the charging cable, which works fine. However, neither of the new two batteries will charge.

I've tried static discharge and have cleaned all the contacts of my laptop several times.

I started to think that something is wrong with the charging circuit on the motherboard. The wrinkle? The original will still charge with either the old or new cable! The laptop doesn't seem to want to run with any new battery but the old works fine despite its' reduced capacity. If it's the charging circuit no battery would work correctly under such a condition, unless I'm wrong.

Right now, I'm leaving one of the new batteries in with the charging cable plugged in. I've had other times when my batteries just wouldn't charge and these went away with time. So I'm seeing if that pans out here. However, I'd still like some advice/theories/whatever just in case this doesn't work.

All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.