Solved! Video editing is ok?

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Jan 10, 2021
Hi, we have a samsung galaxy tab A8 with 7040mAh battery, is it okay to render 720p videos on it? with a video editing application installed from google play store? I plan to do this daily 1-2 times per day, temps are okay since we have a solution for that, all I want to know is is this tablet safe to render videos? Like sudden battery drain clearly will happen during the rendering but afterwards is it ok to continue? or that would kill my battery in long term? since we have a fix for temperatures during the rendering, I take it is it ok?
Yes it's fine to use the tablet, not sure what you mean about the battery drain, all use of the battery will lower it's life, there is no way around it. Running it down to 0 every so often won't do any extra harm.
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