Virtual Machine vs. Multiseat Configuration


Jan 2, 2013
I am trying to figure a few things out so I can find out the best way to hook up my 47 inch tv. I already have it connected to my PC (via a 50ft HDMI cable) and everything work perfectly with no video lag or audio problems, but I want to be able to work on the big screen and my desk separately and simultaneously without having to get another computer. I know there are a few ways I can accomplish this BUT I wanted to ask you guys what you think would be the best way.

I know there are virtual machine programs such as; Virtual Box, VMware, Windows Virtual PC, and so on...

There is also software that will allow a Multiseat configuration such as Softxpand.

I also want to use a separate mouse and keyboard for my 47 inch and desk. I know Softxpand allows this, do any of the virtual machines allow this and would a virtual machine bog down my computer compared to a multiseat configuration?

Sorry for all the questions =)

Here are my computer specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Processor: Intel i7 940, 2.93GHz Quad Core
Power Supply: Cooler Master 850W
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

The Kasafist

Mar 20, 2013
You may experience the same things with virtual or multiseat. IMHO I personally feel that a multiseat software may prove to be a better option cause a profile can be saved for other users if need be. If you game and another person would like to play the PC can be used for both users. It uses the same drive all you need to do is create the profile and load that profile when you launch sofXpand.

Also I personally think it has less of a peformance hit than running on a VHD created from a virtual machine and the annoying incompatibilities like not being able to hit ctrl+alt+del to unlock a screen in full screen on a virtual machine. With softXpand the extra peripherals act as their very own computer. Resources can be split better IMO also. The only true advantage to a virutal machine is it is not limited to OS quite like softXpand which still today is still only compatible with up to Windows 7 and Sever 2008. Otherwise it's a much better option.

I am planning to do the same so that my fiancee can do stuff while I game or since softXpand can do multi-ip then when she likes she can game with me on the one PC. Anyhow it's up to if you need to use a later version of windows the softXpand is not a good option since they seem to take their time to make it compatible with later versions of windows. Also it's not functional on Linux but Linux has its own native multiseat option called Xorg anyhow! I hope this answers your question and that I have helped even if the thread was like a year old.
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