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    Question How To Hide The Fact I Am Using A VM

    Hey guys, I am going to be starting school soon, and they want us to put a monitoring application on our personal laptops/computers, instead of supplying us with school laptops. Well I am a privacy nut, and I shiver at the idea of giving someone what is essentially unfettered access to all the...
  2. slimdesk404

    Question My mac virtual machine only stay on one screen and it never changes

    Its been over 20 minutes of starting this virtual machine on virtual box nothing seems to be changing I don't know what is happening
  3. E

    Solved! Security: How to safely install a virus on a VM

    So I use Oracle VirtualBox and I want to have a contest with my friend to see who could destroy Windows XP the most. I am hesitant to do this because I know viruses can detect and escape from a Virtual Machine. Is there and possible way to make it so the Virtual Machine is separated from my...
  4. Y

    Any free online virtual machines?

    Are there any free online Linux or Windows virtual machines?
  5. L

    Solved! Will VM help isolate potential viruses and p2p connection from torrent clients?

    I really need to install something using a torrent client but I've never used it since I'm mostly afraid of seeding and p2p issues. So I was thinking that I could just use a vm and use the torrent client and install the files in there so that I can easily take the downloaded file and just...
  6. P

    facebook account keeps getting disabled

    Facebook keeps disabling my accounts, I have tried a new phone number, using a virtual machine, using a vpn from another country and it's still keeps blocking me. I need facebook for business and can't go without it. I also use CCLeaner to clear cookies before going on my browser and after then...
  7. P

    Solved! Vm software for Gaming

    Is there a low cost (under 20 dollars) or free vm software that could be used to make a 2 player gaming rig?
  8. T

    What are the disadvantages, if virtual machines run on a laptop?

    Hi, Currently I work on 4-5 virtual machines on VMware Workstation Software in my Desktop Computer. And mostly I work on Windows Server virtual machine. Later on I’ll work on VMware vSphere. Now I am planning to do same work on a laptop. Please guide me which type of laptop is recommended for...
  9. E

    Need advice about virtual machines

    I just purchased a laptop with the following specs: IPS FHD GTX 1060 6GB VRAM i7-8750H 2.2 GHz base speed on 6 cores 16 GB DDR4 Memory 256 GB SSD + 2 TB 5400 rpm HDD Windows 10 Pro I got it for my Computer Information System classes, specifically to run multiple virtual machines, running...
  10. M

    Game Disconnect on VM

    Good morning everyone! As a start i would like to apologize if this it the wrong secrtion :??: I have an issue with a game on VIrtual machine, i will be more specific. I created a virtual machine using VMware Workstation 14 pro, and I installed on it windows 10 Pro full updated (build 1803) and...
  11. N

    A few questions regarding running Windows 7 in virtual machine on OS X High Sierra (v10.13.5)

    I have a few Windows-only applications that I want to run on my Mac. I like how virtual machines offer fluidity between the Windows environment and OS X, so I'm thinking I'll try that rather than BootCamp. One of the programs I want to run is a bit memory-intensive, and struggled at times on my...
  12. PC_GEEK391

    Laptop for virtual machine

    My friend is in dire need of a laptop for his work from home purposes. He needs it for running virtual machine to access mainframe. I personally checked on a lot of laptops, but I am unable to decide on the processor. Some are good config laptops but with an older generation processors. Ram...
  13. D

    I need help for creating a Virtual Machine

    Hello, i have Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS and i want to create 10 android workspaces. I want all changes to be saved when rebooting. What virtual machine i must use and how can i do this?
  14. C

    i am using Acer AMD A8-3500M APU but i can't install VMWare

    if i try to install i get a message that your processor can't support VMWare
  15. T

    install Virtual Machine Fail

    Hi Guys, i attempt to install a virtual machine on my laptop but it fails stating there is no VT-X / AMD-v enable on my system. as the result i login to my BIOS to enable it but i cannot find such an option to enable. i currently using Window10 and Acer Aspire E15 i wonder if this plateform...
  16. thegamersite1

    Could Not Create Java Virtual Machine

    Java won't install at all. I deleted everything that has to do with Java from control panel, uninstall program. I have tried to install old version, reboot the PC, ect. Nothing is working and it keeps saying the same thing whenever I am trying to install it. I have 16GM of RAM and I already...
  17. E

    Is the i5 8th Gen Better in a Significant way than the i5 7th Gen Processor in Laptops?

    I am Planning on Buying a new Laptop for Programming, Entry Level Machine Learning and for Ethical Hacking. My Budget is Rs 62000(Max).Is the i5 8th Gen Better than the 7th Gen. I need a Basic Graphic Card(like the 940mx or mx150) but I need to run atleast 4 Vms Simultaneously. Also Plz...
  18. D

    Is Avast free antivirus alongside with malwarebytes good enough?

    Ok so i want to play with malware in a VM but i was thinking that in case of it escaping the vm, would Avast free antivirus (for real time detection) + Malwarebytes (for removal of it) be good enough?
  19. tarmiricmi

    Lightweight free working antivirus for Windows XP

    Hello, I have an old PC with Windows XP SP3 which I intend to keep because of some software that runs only on XP (I could use virtual machine but it would still need this). Now what is the lightweightest and fastest antivirus which still supports Win XP? I've tried a few, Bitdefender and...
  20. D

    Is this true?

    I heared that if i have a vm and make a shared folder to read-only,viryses can't escape the guest that easily anymore...should i belive it because i just want to experiment with viruses on a vm.Also please tell me other things to keep in mind when doing this.Thanks.
  21. oweaponx

    Macbook for XCode?

    Hi group! Generally, I use either Windows or Linux for my computing needs. I've started getting in creating native Apps. For the Google Play store, it doesn't matter what OS. However, looking around the web, I've read that while it may be possible to run the OS in a virtual machine, I'm not...
  22. P

    Going to school for IT

    I'm going back to school and I need some guidance on a laptop to purchase. I know I need it capable of handling Linux and virtual machines. Budget is max at $600.
  23. R

    Virtual Machine vs. Dual Boot

    Hello everyone! What is everyones opinion on using a Virtual machine vs dual booting? I am curious because I have a spare 120GB SSD laying around that I thought about putting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 17.04 on to play around with (Windows 7 for HALO 2). I will go ahead and give out my specs just...
  24. A

    Solved! Whatsapp on laptop

    Is there anyway to run whatsapp on laptop without bluestacks or any other such softwares??
  25. Suzkuki1100

    Virtual machine for security ?

    Hello everyone, I just bought Win7 pro-64 bit laptop and I'm wondering if I install a virtual machine will it protect my host operating system against attacks (wifi included). I think I remember seeing a hyper-v video where there was a option to allow only the guest virtual machine to access...
  26. S

    VM: Windows guest, Linux host. Unity/Seamless mode is possible?

    Is there any way to run a windows guest in unity/seamless mode, on a linux host? Maybe with an older version of VMware or VirtualBox? Specifically, I would like to run a windows 10 x64 guest, on a linux mint x64 host.
  27. E

    How to be the MOST Secure?

    Hello everyone, first post, i'm looking for how to be the MOST secure online. I would love to see a range. Example being like : Microsoft edge/Windows Defender to something like A virtual machine, with a VPN and using the TOR browser. Understandably, at the end of the day, if someone wants...
  28. A

    I wan't to destroy windows in a virtual machine

    I plan to install windows in virtualbox and put a bunch of viruses on it. I have plans too keep my host pc from getting infected. I am going to do it in Linux, Make sure no windows pcs are connected to the network at the time, and do it on a computer that I don't use anymore. However, I want to...
  29. W

    Need help choosing which of these laptops might be best for my needs (such as running a few VM's)

    I'm hoping someone can help me choose from this list of laptops I've put together. My current interest/learning path has lead me to spend a lot of time using Virtual Machines, currently through VMware Workstation Pro. Originally I wanted a laptop that will run 6 VMs simultaneously with no...
  30. G

    Looking for a small Laptop that can run VM's

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a small Laptop that can run a Virtual Machine. It shouldn't be too big or heavy, as I need to carry it to school in my school bag together with a few books Are there any reccomendations that aren't too expensive?
  31. M

    Which Laptop should I buy?

    Hi guys, I am a student and I need to buy a new laptop I have some in my mind and i'll post their specs right here, if you could please tell me which is better and why. I mostly need this laptop for programming software (Unity,Visual Studio,VM virtual machine) Lenovo Yoga 500-14 80R500FJIV...
  32. C

    Best Laptop for School and Other Tasks?

    Basically, I need a laptop that I can take to my classes, although it won't be on for the entire 7-ish hours. Probably, about 3 or 4 hours, but maximum 5 hours. This isn't for stuff like hours and hours of note-taking, BUT I WILL NOT BE PLAYING ANY GAMES ON IT EITHER. (But I will develop and...
  33. sfootie

    Is exposing scammers legal?

    First off - I'm not sure which category this should go in, so I put it here. Basically, me and a friend were going to set up a virtual machine and expose tech support scammers - we would record the screen and the phone call (probably via Skype). I know there are loads of these videos online...
  34. S

    Trying to find a laptop thaIt can support 32gb of ram

    I've always have been a desktop guy but I've found myself going to various sites a lot more often for evals. i won't say what I do exactly, but I run a lot of virtual machines, Like I can run anything from A VM server, with several machines on top of that and I think the most machines I ever...
  35. NoPuhi

    Safely installing viruses on a virtual machine?

    I stumbled upon a website that provides a free download to a piece of software that im 90% convinced it is actually a virus. Since it got my attention, i have the urge to test it out. I installed a Oracle VM Virtualbox to act as a sandbox containment for the virus so it does not cause damage to...
  36. O

    How do I get wifi to work in my windows 95 vm?

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to get my Xfinity X-1 router to work on my windows 95 virtual machine (I use virtual box). The reason why is because I found an old Transformers Beastwars file for windows 95 and I can't get it to run through an iso, dvd-rw, usb, or through file...
  37. C

    Useing virtualization to to get rid of all viruses

    Hi I want to download a few things from piratebay but I keep getting viruses when I do. If I create a virtual windows 7 machine using virtual box and download all the torrents, for example a ISO file. If I download it onto a virtual machine then put the ISO image on a usb and copy it to my host...
  38. V

    Buying a new laptop before beginning my IT bachelor. Please help me with some advice.

    I will soon start my bachelor degree in IT. Problem: I need a laptop that I can work with for many hours (6-8 hours during+after classes) that can be hooked to 2 Dell U2412M (when at home) and that can withstand a lot of work for at least 4 years: Uses: a) Moderate web-browsing with a bunch...
  39. A

    Does using a VPN help keep you safe on a VM from a virus infecting the host?

    Im trying to stay as safe as possible from a virus/malware infecting host via VM. I have been on forums and a good half of people say your safe on a VM..while the other half says all this stuff to keep u safe and how your not ALL that safe.
  40. A

    Are you really that safe on a VM?

    I usually use my VM and nothing ever got on the host, i mean i never tried downloading malware,just PUPS,Regular Rogue AV's and a few other odds and ends. But are you really that safe? I use a NAT and my host is ethernet. Am i really that safe?
  41. P

    Can a virus escape a virtual machine and infect other computers over local intranet?

    Title explains all. I will be using VM ware, and are there any settings that can avoid this?
  42. Z

    What can Wineskins be used with?

    I want to know to what extent can I use wineskins on my Macbook Pro. Can I use it with tools such as AutoCAD? and If I decided to use it for games, is it compatible with ANY windows game? Like Tomb Raider and GTA V? Thanks
  43. nshin313

    Suggestions for buying a budget (Around $500) Laptop for Virtulization and Gaming?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a 15 inch (or smaller) laptop (around $500) that I can use for learning pen-testing (by virtualizing multiple OSes simultaneously), which will require quite a bit of RAM and Storage, and some casual gaming/video editing ( i'll need dedicated graphics). Currently...
  44. K

    Running a VM off a portable device

    so, I'm taking a college course on computer management. We use VMware allot in the class. Anyways, my professor told us we should NOT be running our virtual machines off of our portable hard drives / flash drives. But we should be transferring our VM to the desktop every time we want to run...
  45. M

    Display Virtual Machine on Different Monitor and Assign Different Mouse/Keyboard?

    Is it possible to display a virtual machine on a separate monitor? Is it possible to assign a different mouse/keyboard to the virtual machine? I am looking to build a high-end PC with high performing virtual machines; I would like to use the virtual machines just as if they are their own PC...
  46. M

    Virtual Machine with Different Ethernet Connection?

    Is it possible to create a virtual machine that uses a different ethernet connection than the physical machine is using? If so, how would I accomplish this?
  47. berukashvili

    Laptop For Virtualization

    Hi guys ;) i want to buy leptop and do some little virtualization with windows server 2012r2 max 3 virtual machine . can laptop with i7 5500u processor and 8 gig ram do this work normally ? pls help me to choose its duacl core hyperthreaded wodnering that with 2 physical cit will be impossible...
  48. C

    Can't get old DOS games (94-95) to detect my midi/digital audio card on a VMWare Virtual Machine on Win2000

    I can't get games like System Shock or I have no mouth and i must scream to work because it does not detect my sound card. I try to select "Creative Labs Sound blaster or 100% compatible" and when i "attempt to configure sound driver automatically" it says ERROR XMIDI SOUND HARDWARE NOT FOUND...
  49. G

    Keep an application the "primary" selected application and on front of screen even if other application prompts you?

    So i have a unique problem and wondering if there is a solution. I play world of tanks, and i also play online poker. I have two monitors, and on one i play tanks while the other i play poker when it prompts me. Because of this I run in windowed mode in world of tanks(sometimes with an app...
  50. C

    Laptop for $ 500-600

    Hi, I just want to know what are the great types of laptops can I find for that budget. I am starting as a new game design club member where I have to edit videos and render them; plus I need adequate amount of space and ram for coding different files and also to run virtual machines for mac...
  51. sparker781

    VmWare and Mac OS

    So if I use a legit copy of Mac OS X with a virtual machine can you run mac os as a virtual machine on a PC? I have a copy of Mac OS X that I was using to restore an old macbook.... Not sure if this is the right area so apologies if it isnt Thanks
  52. F

    Asus X550JK vs Dell 5758 vs Lenovo G70-70

    Hi! I'm looking for a laptop that I'll use on a daily basis for some resource-intensive software (virtual machines, testing large sql queries, etc.) the main problem being that I'm on a budget. So far I came up with these three laptops: 1) Asus X550JK with the i5-4200H processor, 4 GB RAM (on...
  53. K

    Looking for a sleek laptop to run multiple virtual machines on and for programming

    I'm currently looking for an upgrade from my Lenovo Thinkpad L412. Important specs of the L412: Processor: Intel i5 M480 clocked at 2.67 GHz RAM: 4 GB DDR3 GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 545v I got this baby in 2011 and it hasn't been the best gaming laptop but it could run most of the old games...
  54. K

    Java virtual machine launcher error

    Hello friends i am getting error could not find the main class: prohram will exit. When i want to run dbsetup.bat file then this error througing to me. Any body which has some idea about this kindly help me. i want to upgrade my primavera P6 8.3 to 8.4...
  55. mccoolaustinm

    Laptop for a mobile programmer?

    Hello everyone! I'm a "Data Management Specialist" (glorified computer geek with a typing speed over 130wpm, macro-writing knowledge and MOS specialist certs) by day, a Computer Science student by night, and a gamer by really late at night. (A little background app called Dimmer is my friend...
  56. I

    Windows 7 laptop motherboard starting to fail, can I clone the hard drive and run it as a virtual machine on another computer?

    My Windows 7 laptop's motherboard is starting to fail. It turns on, but it won't boot at all, nothing is displayed. It seems cpu/gpu is not making full contact anymore with the motherboard, I can get it to boot normally if I cover the vents and let it run for a while until it heats up enough...
  57. H

    Using a windows 7 parallels virtual machine on MacBook Pro Early 2011

    Hi So I installed a windows 7 vm in parallels on my macbook and when i run it, there's this tapping sound like the one you get (but no exactly) when you tap the metal of the macbook. My sound isn't on so it shouldn't be the speakers and the sound is random and only happens when I open the...
  58. A

    Can't iniciate virtual machine

    Incompatible minimum and maximum heap sizes specified. Help please
  59. G

    laptop i5 vs i7

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the difference between the i5 and i7 laptops, this is my first even time buying a laptop, I always have used desktops that I have built. I'm not sure how hyperthreading is on the i5 or i7 if the i5 even has it or not, someone told me the i5 works like a i3 for...
  60. Ace251091

    MacBook Pro Retina 13"

    Hey there guys. I was interested to buy a new laptop and want to buy the MacBook Pro 13" Retina. I've always been a windows user and never owned a Mac before so I was a little worried about the usability of the system. I know you can install Windows on a Mac but was wondering whether it would be...