Jun 13, 2016

Does anyone know of some good software where i can record my voice continuously but for it to only pick up sound over a certain limit.

For example in Audacity you can choose sound activated software and choose a certain frequency of sound when it starts recording (To reduce background noise).
However this doesn't record on a continuous loop, so it wont be in time with my recorded game play.

In Teamspeak you can record your voice audio and the sound activates only when you talk, and it is a continuous recording.

I'm pulling my hair out over this it seems so simple but i cant find any software that does this.

thanks in advance
Question: is the problem actually the background noise?

I.e., your microphone is too sensitive and starts recording pre-maturely instead of "waiting" for you to speak?

Perhaps a different microphone would help - one that is designed to take out or reduce background noise pickup.

I googled the following: "microphone background noise problems".

Quite a few links came up. Some within this website.

There may be other viable fixes if you reconsider the situation.