Weird Buzzing and Blue Screening


Feb 25, 2012
My friend is having problems on his pc latly where he will play specific games which glitch out and cause a buzzing sound to come through his speakers (no loud just noticeable) and it won't go away and it appears to encourage a blue screen within 8-15 minutes afterwords

Gmod - Turns out it is the only game on the computer he has that causes the issue

He has a Q---- Series duel core CPU and a GTX570 with over 6gbs of ram I think

So his computer hardware is defiantly not the cause of it.

Note: On steam every time he restarts his PC he losses all downloaded games on steam but not the saves?

Edit: I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, as I have no idea what the cause is so idk if it is hardware related or not so there really is no place to put it.

also he has WIndows 7 x64

Edit 2: upon restart the buzzing does go away