Solved! Weird clicking/cracking sound on any audio only when laptop is on battery


Jul 6, 2016
As the title says, my Windows 10 Home version 1709 Dell Inspiron 7577 laptop makes a weird noise whenever any audio plays (such as a notification, music player, any sort of sound) only on battery. This does not occur while the charger is in.

To better describe the sound, it sounds like a pop of some sort.. I can't really be accurate, but it sounds weird.

There does seem to be a small interval, as in:
1. I'm not playing anything for about a minute
2. A notification comes or I play audio - the sound occurs*
3. I pause the audio and resume it within a very few seconds - no sound
4. I pause the audio and wait for around 50~60 seconds I hear the same sound but in a very low volume.
5. I resume the audio - the sound occurs

My hypothesis is that it could be related to battery saving, through turning off the speakers/headphones after a while of no usage, but when it turns them on again it gives that annoying sound.

* I've also found out that using the device manager's *scan for hardware changes* after the interval of no audio passes, it would do the weird noise, then the interval restarts (meaning that if I played audio afterwards within a very few seconds it won't make the weird noise).
Also, opening battery saver settings does the same effect.


Jan 24, 2013