Weird Keyboard Issues


Nov 27, 2015
very Strange issues, i see ppl have had this problem before and most posts have not addressed this issue any thoughts? I have a numeric keypad so its not the numlock key and im typing this on an external keyboard. I seriously doubt this is a hardware issue...

Lenovo ideapad s510p touch
ive seen ppl with this same problem from multiple manufacturers...

also this problem is not hardware related as bios passord for hardrive works and contains a y....

What keys do in notepad:
Shift Does not work for keys h, t, y, or g
Backspace = 11:28 AM 11/27/201
capslock = \
G = gt
t = gt
y = hy
h = hy

Numerical pad:Using numlock

7= 74
8 = /8
4 = 74
/ = /8

In my browser backspace acts like the back button

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help in solving the issue.
- Check keyboard language settings.
- Open Control Panel and look for Region and Language.
- Check all tabs if they are all set to United States.
- If that doesn't work, try pressing those following keys which are not working using your onscreen keyboard (Ease of Access look for Onscreen keyboard)
- Connect an external keyboard and see if the same problem will persist because if does you may need to consider on doing a complete Factory Reset cause it's a problem with your operating system.