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  1. B

    (Chrome os) How to make a file open using a certain program.

    My friend is using chrome os but the program for our test requires us to open the notepad download with the program. Usually on Windows etc you would double click or right click and it would open with the program chosen. But the issue is i don't know where in chrome os that is hidden! Thanks for...
  2. D

    Text readme file looks broken.

    I have downloaded Office 2016 but the readme file is unreadable. I looks like broken or something. The text in the file looks like this: Is there any way to fix the text files? Maybe its related to some Russian encoding or something I don't understand.
  3. M

    Reading game files through notepad is commonly impossible, why?

    You know, you got the newest game, and you are curious how the code looks like, and you use notepad to check out the game files, but then you see huge characters saying "NULL NULL NULL" in a weird font in black. I'v always though it's encryption, or it's just compiled. But, is there anyway to...
  4. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  5. T

    my laptop(Asus A455l notepad) is not work the keys 123456789 and T.How can I do?

    Hi.I have a Asus laptop A455l notepad.It has a keyboard problem.It cannot type number and the word T.Please help me!! How can I do?
  6. C

    Solved! Need notes from Notepad

    My Motorola G4 broke, everything is gone, including SIM card. I have so many notes saved on the Notepad app.. Is there any chance they get saved to some kind of cloud? I now have a Galaxy S9, recovered everything I need aside from my notes. I installed the app but nothing saved, which I swear...
  7. R

    laptop low graphic performance

    i have intel hd 3000 and nvidia geforece gt 620 m in my samsung notepad. the lap is 6yrs old but some games like pes 17 worked great.Recently i formatted my laptop from win 7 64 bit to win 8.1 64 bit and made sure necessary drivers were installed and working properly. but since formatting, the...
  8. J

    Is this a good deal?

    Now one thing, I would love it if someone would outbid me because of the shiping, other then that is that a good deal, with shipping included? Yes this is kinda a beg for someone else to outbid me...
  9. K

    Hi, I upgraded windows from 7 to 10, Now i cant connect to wirells Network, I have done all that I read on internet but nothi

    Am looking for support on wireless connectivity
  10. U

    I have forgotten the password to my syjvania note pad

    i have the same sylvania notepad 7inch running on window ce but my small boy put a password in it and forgetten what the passw
  11. W

    Looking problem solution of screen brightness

    Hi am using gateway ne46rs1 model acer notepad but my screen did not increasing or decreasing .what the problem for my laptop .am tried all the above methods it cant work. Please give me solution. Thank you.
  12. a cooperator

    How to create my own .srt subtitle file format?

    Hi everyone I have some English films files(some of which are up to 01:25:37). Some friend of mine helped me get all the subtitles(closed captions). Now I am going to prepare the .srt subtitle file format of those video files. I will need to have the .txt file containing the subtitles as well...
  13. a cooperator

    Some .srt subtitles files are shown in unreadable contents using Notepad.

    Hi Everyone! I have Windows 10 OS Home installed on my notebook. I have some English Video files along with their English .srt subtitles files. However, by using Notepad, when trying opening some .srt subtitles files, I found that contents are unreadable although the audio files of all those...
  14. J

    File END in C drive

    Hi all, So I decided to use adwcleaner on a whim, and it found a file called END in my C drive. It's a 0kb file and when I open it in Notepad or Notepad++ it shows nothing. It has no file extension, even when I uncheck "show known file extensions". Is it a virus lying in wait or not? The install...
  15. F

    Random Ogre File found on my desktop

    I Restarted my PC and I found a file named OGRE on my desktop. This file is a notepad and Ive used both my antivirus and they say no files are infected. I am just wondering if I should be worried about anything
  16. A

    "END" File in C: Drive

    I just found a file with no thumbnail, apparently a file type, with the name "END". When opened, in notepad, I found "{}" and nothing else. Can I delete it? I found online some people saying it was malware but the one I found was slightly different than the one described. Any help is appreciated.
  17. R

    TXT file keeps turning into a notepad file when i rename it .cfg

    Im trying to create a script and everytime i try to convert a txt file into a cfg it makes it a notepad file.
  18. P

    how do i repair the corrupted files?

    All the documents on my desktop are no longer associated with the program they were saved to. They are now opening as notepad documents with coding. They are all labeled with the same long letter number combination.
  19. S

    Laptops gets stuck on notepad for 5 mins when I paste a list of about 10^6 numbers in the notepad, Is this normal?

    I was copy pasting some output from netbeans into a txt file and its get stuck there when i paste for about 5 mins, Is this normal? Can this be a software or a hardware issue? My build is :http://
  20. 010010

    notepad++ CSV word replace

    Hello, i am editing a Text file in order for it to comply with the CSV syntax needed for Envoy; unfortuantley the long list of Names, numbers and email addresses is in the wrong order, it should be as follows: First Last,, PhoneNumber At the moment it is in this format...
  21. A

    battery drains completely after it's been powered down

    Hello, I have a Dell dell inspiron Everything has been working fine, and it's performance/speed has been great; however, recently the laptop battery drains completely after it's been powered down. Whether the laptop is in sleep mode or I shut it down, it loses complete charge, and I have to...
  22. S

    How can i play offline videos in sony blueray via mi notepad 3

    How can i play offline videos in sony blueray via mi notepad 3 as its not showing thru cast ,any cganges required
  23. M

    PHP not working

    I typed my php code into the notepad text editor (windows 10) and when I run it the code that I typed into notepad shows (vs the Hello World statement that was supposed to show), has anyone else had this problem, does anyone have any solutions? I tried to use xammp with Netbeans but I get the...
  24. J

    trying to print specific parts of sms texts off notepad

    when i try to enter only the lines i want to print it will not go to just the ones i want like print 2071 to 3400 any ideas how to do this from notepad thx
  25. I

    Lost my notepad file

    Dear all, I was working in a notepad file that I downloaded from my Hotmail account. I followed these steps: clicked file | download | open When I was done for the day, I wasn't thinking clearly and only pressed 'save' and closed the file. I know IE should store files like these in a content.IE...
  26. E

    Weird Keyboard Issues

    very Strange issues, i see ppl have had this problem before and most posts have not addressed this issue any thoughts? I have a numeric keypad so its not the numlock key and im typing this on an external keyboard. I seriously doubt this is a hardware issue... Lenovo ideapad s510p touch ive...
  27. C

    My acer aspire es1-711 17.3 notepad lets me put in my first password but then when it loads for me to type in the second passw

    My acer aspire es1-711 17.3 notepad lets me put in my first password but don't let me type my second password to login can someone please help me [Moderator addendum: OS = Windows 7]
  28. G

    exe is opening with notepad

    this my first question here, i opened cmd with notepad to see binary code, but now everytime i open something it opens with notepad, system restore does, and i tried regedid but nothing worked, what should i do
  29. M

    I wrote a small test program in fortran, using notepad as text editor,I need help as where to go from here to execute my progr

    Detailed commands/steps to move from writing a Fortran 77 program in notepad to executing it?
  30. J

    Password forgotten for homescreen

    I have an asus notepad, when it turns on it gets to the screen where it asks me for a password....I cannot remember it. It says I can reset it by going to this is some odd packing company? how can I get round this screen? Does anyone know? Plus how can I go to this website if...
  31. D

    Mass opening of Notepad files

    So I had downloaded a .jar file of a popular game (300 players on at all times) and long story short me and the owner got into an argument so all of a sudden he somehow starts mass-opening notepad files and paint applications on my computer. By the time I shut it down there was 192 of them open...
  32. G

    Notepad++ 6.7.3 spellcheck no longer works.

    Hi. My spellcheck in Notepad++ 6.7.3 no longer works. I was playing with the Style Config but don't see how this could cause the problem. Has anyone a solution for this? Thanks.
  33. J

    All drives encrypted with BitLocker

    My computer was compromised last night, all my drives were encrypted using BitLocker and a notepad file left on my desktop demanding 1btc payment for access to be restored. Before I go about formatting the drives and starting again, can anyone advise if there is any work around at all for...
  34. X

    Strike Through Text on Notepad

    I have Windows 8.1, and am currently using Notepad to make lists. I know in previous version of Windows, you were able to strikethrough the text, but I cannot find the option to do that in Windows 8.1. If anyone could help me, I would be ever grateful, thank you.
  35. L

    How do I reset my hp notepad laptop to factory reset

    I want to set my note pad bk yo factory reset can u help please it's a hp notepad
  36. O

    Transferring windows notepad documents to my android phone.

    I want to transfer a list from my laptop to my phone. I've tried emailling to myself and opening it using my phone but there's no way to save the actual file. After transferring I'd like to continue using my phone to edit the file so I need an app to both transfer the file and then continue...
  37. A

    system root syntax

    system root syntax in notepad
  38. R

    if I clear my sd card will I lose my videos and pictures in my gallery

    My notepad says im running out of space if I clesar my sd card will I lose my videos and pictures saved in my gallery
  39. A

    how can i send photos from windows 8 notepad to pc

    I'm finding it difficult to transfer a large lot of photos from my notebook windows 8 to a dvd the directions are incredibly complicated, so I want to transfer them to the pc where I know how to do it. Help would be much appreciated, thanks in anticipation
  40. B

    Open a .diz file

    Hello, I want a application to open as a .diz file and it did not work. I opened it with notepad but it came up with these random words like:rfegtrthtrtrhrt Can't run in ms dos mode. Please help! How do I open a .diz file, It is suppose to open an installer. Thanks.
  41. A

    I want to free download drivers for my Toshiba laptop

    I want to free download drivers for my Toshiba laptop
  42. D

    Programing Notepad Help

    How do I start a program. I tried in the notepad. @echo off Start ooVoo.exe Start ooVoo.Ink Start "C:\Program Files (x86)\ooVoo\ooVoo.exe" Start "C:\Program Files (x86)\ooVoo\" None work. Help Pleas, what are you supposed to put after the start t launch ooVoo.
  43. Finesse

    How to stop laptop touchpad from turning off on its own? (HP DV7 1175nr)

    I've had this HP DV7 Pavilion laptop for the last six years and it's been working just fine until now (aside from missing backspace and down arrow keys). Now I'm having trouble with the touchpad. It just plain stops working on its own. I think it's a problem with the built-in touchpad button...
  44. B

    [Windows Server 2003] Printing Closes Programs

    When I try to print anything from any program on my server it closes that program. So for example if I try to print something I have open in notepad, notepad closes down without warning. I have tried re installing the drivers and tried printing from 6 or 7 different programs all with the same...
  45. F

    Tools needed for C#

    So I've decided that i want to be a programmer. I would like to learn c# but i don't no where to start so could could someone tell me what i need to program c# i.e notepad or visual studio and could someone direct me to a site which can teach me?
  46. H

    Dell 1101 notebook password locked

    Hello, I have got a Dell Inspiron 1101 notepad that is password protected on start up, in safe mode, in set up - everywhere! There is just no getting in. Girl who's notepad it is cannot remember even closly what it might be! How can I get into BIOS or Safe Mode? Not sure how to dismantle a...
  47. H

    Dell 1101 notebook password locked

    Hello, I have got a Dell Inspiron 1101 notepad that is password protected on start up, in safe mode, in set up - everywhere! There is just no getting in. Girl who's notepad it is cannot remember even closly what it might be! How can I get into BIOS or Safe Mode? Not sure how to dismantle a...
  48. G

    How to transfer my pictures from my notepad to my pc wireless

    send my pictures from my acer notebook to this laptop
  49. D

    Acer notepad with lost password in windows

    I have forgotton my windows password on my acer laptop? can you help
  50. B

    Textpad type

    Hello, like notepad, anything is there???
  51. A

    Recording on notepad

    Hello,can i write on a notepad by my voice?
  52. S

    Office 2007 and the dollar sign $$

    I just reinstalled windows, and office. Now, in office, and ONLY office documents the $ is replaced with an unusual character I have never seen before. In an attempt to describe it it is a less then sign, with two lines horizontal at the top. If I copy, and paste this character into notepad, at...
  53. G

    Notepad help!

    Alright, I need some help with notepad. I have been doing a large amount of research this evening for a college essay that I have due next week. I was putting my information into notepad. After about three hours, I went to save it. It wouldn't save, and has now stalled and says it is not...
  54. A

    What's wrong with my batch file?

    I wrote my first batch file in Notepad and save it as Firefox.bat: @echo off start firefox.exe When I ran Firefox.bat, I got an error message reading: Windows cannot find 'firefox.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. Firefox.exe it's clearly in its folder:
  55. JMcEntegart

    Asus Announces Tablet Notepad, the Eee Table

    Asus may have chose to call its tablets 'Eee Pads' but that doesn’t mean they're not planning Eee Tablets too. Asus Announces Tablet Notepad, the Eee Table : Read more
  56. G

    The Pad That Makes Your USB Port Useless

    Why not write on a plain ol' notepad? The Pad That Makes Your USB Port Useless : Read more
  57. B

    Syncing mouse & keyboard on multiple machine..

    Hi, How do I do the same operation on many PC ? consider that I need open notepad in 4 pc's simultaneously & start type the samething ... mainly I need to reproduce my keyboard & mouse actions on many pc's in the network (testing the application)..
  58. G

    Command prompt not working

    Hello, Respected sir I am ganesh Patekar. when i type java GUI code in notepad and it compiles in command prompt and alos runs but after running it hangs and i cant close GUi frame and cant type anything in command prompt please tell me what to do example of program:- import java.awt.*; class...
  59. B

    Creating web pages

    I was just wondering what is popular for creating webpages. I mean mostly the fancy stuff that you wouldn't use notepad for. <font color=blue>Unofficial Forum Cop</font color=blue>