Question What aret he best AV receivers with 200 watts per channel under $250?

Sep 11, 2019
Are there any brands you'd recommend? Dolby Atmos would be a nice edition, but it's not necessary.

Thanks in advance.
The are no AVRs with 200 watts per channel at any price that I know of. Any that you see with specs like that are measured in a completely non standard way to exaggerate (sometimes grossly) the specs.
Your budget would only stretch to an entry level AVR. Onkyo is good in that range.

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If you have Klipsch speakers as your other thread implies then they are quite efficient and don't need a lot of power. And since they are Atmos speakers you'd need an Atmos receiver to get the most out of them. $250 is on the entry level end of Atmos AVRs.
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