Question What aret he best AV receivers with 200 watts per channel under $250?

Sep 11, 2019
Are there any brands you'd recommend? Dolby Atmos would be a nice edition, but it's not necessary.

Thanks in advance.
The are no AVRs with 200 watts per channel at any price that I know of. Any that you see with specs like that are measured in a completely non standard way to exaggerate (sometimes grossly) the specs.
Your budget would only stretch to an entry level AVR. Onkyo is good in that range.


If you have Klipsch speakers as your other thread implies then they are quite efficient and don't need a lot of power. And since they are Atmos speakers you'd need an Atmos receiver to get the most out of them. $250 is on the entry level end of Atmos AVRs.
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