What cheap Android Tablet for translations in Japan.


May 9, 2010
Good day folks,

I am going to Japan. Yay.
But I do not speak any Japanese. Drat.
So I found that android tablets/devices can be efficient for translation and in some cases can even translate signs on photos that I take. In addition to working as my map tool round the country. Yay
However, I am a jew, and do not want to spend too much money. Drat.

Hence my question:

What tablets would you reccommend close to the Nexus 7/ Kindle Fire HD price that will allow me to efficiently address maps, & translation. As some translation utilities need to take photos of the words in question before they can translate them, I would like to enquire what low-end models have a decent back-view camera? Or whether any of you had any experiences using front view one- on devices such as the NEXUS 7- to use translation tools.

Sincerely yours,