What do you think about Mushkin mp3 players?


Jan 16, 2003
I was thinking about buying a Mushkin MP3 player with 256MB capacity: <A HREF="http://www.mushkin.com/epages/Mushkin.storefront/3fa3de880f3b28be273fc0a80105067b/Product/View/991008" target="_new"> here </A>. I liked the size and the price and Mushkin makes good memory. Can anyone tell me something about this player before I order it?

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Feb 15, 2001
Never heard of it. From the looks of the link, I see two major disadvantages:

1. The interface (for using as a mobile MP3 player) sucks, in that there is none. I see buttons for next song and previous song - so essentially you have to play songs in alphabetical order? I didn't see any sort of playlist creation option when browsing the website - even if there is one, moving sequentially through 10-20 songs is a bit of a pain.

2. <i>Only plays MPEG Layer3 files at rates up to 212kbits, 44.1kHz encoded in stereo when used as a music player.)</i>

Whoops. Hope you don't have any MP3s at higher rates than this. Especially since up to 320 kbits is reasonably common, supported by winamp, WMP, etc...

Other than that, Tweaktown seemed to like it. It does look nice and small. Having a portable USB device is always nice.

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