what games can i run on this laptop


Jan 1, 2016
laptop: hp 250 g4
cpu : celeron n3050 braswell gen, 2.16 ghz max turbo 2m cache
gpu: intel hd graphics
memory: 4gb 1600mhz
hdd: 500gb 5400rpm
screen: 15.6in 1366*768
if i install windows 8.1 what games can i run on 800*600, low at least?
here is a list of games that i would like to run

gta 4 (or san andreas)
team fortress 2
any hitman game (possibly blood money)
fear 2 (although i dont expect this one to run)

or maybe some other games from that period, and u can also give me similar games that i may like
thank you all for helping :D
ps i know laptops arent meant for gaming and i have pc that runs these games but its getting old (7 years still working beautifully but no match for today s software)


The issue is not that laptops in general are not made for games, it's more like yours in particular is not made for games. Celeron is the lower spec of Intel CPUs and with no separate video card, that laptop would be horrible in games.


You can look up benchmarks for the games you want and see if there is anything in those with the HD 5300 onboard video they test.


Mar 27, 2016
i have the same specs as you i play team fortress 2 with a little bit of lag,and i play gta san andreas at no lag i also play call of duty 4 modern warfare with a little lag depends on how many movements.you can also play counter strike 1.6 at no lag.if your intel hd graphics is only 64mb it will have more lag but you can change your graphics setting to increase 80 more mb it will become 144mb than 64mb.