Question What is the CORRECT connector wire count and color sequence of wires for the AC14B8K and AC14B3K battery packs?


Oct 26, 2007
I'm trying to buy a replacement battery pack for my Acer laptop, but the battery packs I've seen on Amazon are showing VERY CONFLICTING INFORMATION in the descriptions and photos.
What is the CORRECT connector wire count and color sequence of wires for the AC14B8K and AC14B3K battery packs?
Examples: Are these correct? If not...what IS correct for each battery pack ID?
AC14B8K =8 wires (RROYGnBuBkBk) Red Red Orange Yellow Green Blu Black Black
AC14B3K =9 wires (RRYBuWGnOBkBk) Red Red Blue White Green Orange Black Black

Some sellers show AC14B8K packs with an 8-wire connector, and some show a 9-wire connector.
Further complicating things some sellers claim the AC14B8K pack is compatible with the AC14B3K pack...yet all the AC14B3K battery packs I've seen when the seller does NOT claim compatibility with AC14B3K use a 9-wire connector. Someone is providing wrong information.
The wire colors and sequences are different as well depending on the pack and whether the seller is listing the pack is the same whether AC14B8K or AC14B3K.
You need to really get an OEM battery and not some aftermarket one. While some aftermarket stuff is fine to get, laptop batteries are not one of them. To much of a risk to the device.

Stick with an OEM battery, not in parts, and you should do fine. Yes I know that can cost a bit more, but it is worth it versus the risk of damage to your laptop which would cost a lot more.
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