What should I look for in a new laptop in 2013?

Zak Browning

Sep 15, 2013
My laptop is getting a bit dated, about 3 years of use now, and continually crashes due to GPU overload and overheating while playing WoW and alt tabbing between programs. I am sure it could no longer handle programs like rift or skyrim either. Even though I dont play them anymore I would like for a new PC to be able to easily handle them on medium, and something like WoW on ultra, without overheating/loading the PC. My plans for gaming probably just include WoW and EQnext.

Im looking for something around the $600 mark, although I could spend more, that has a capable processor and graphics card w/ 1 GB memory dedicated memory. I would be fine with a 500GB hard drive but at least 6 GB of DDR3 w/ the possibility to add more. I have looked at:

But I am wondering if there is anything a bit cheaper without sacrificing an extreme amount of performance.

I am currently working with a sony vaio that has 500gb HD, 6 GB ram (probably DDR2), a intel duo core with 2.13 GHZ per core, and an ATI mobility radeon HD 4650 graphics card w/ 512 dedicated, so mostly anything is an upgrade at this point