What to you think of keystone correction of the single LCD projector ?


Aug 27, 2014
The most popular model on Ebay, I tested one.
here is the photos.
After comparing it with Luxcine C5, the most basic one, I found the big difference.
1. the color difference.
The red and green color has a very very big difference. In order to be more serious, I played the screenshot of the Ebay website, and found the gaps remains there.
The datasheet shows the LCD panel has only 60% NTSC color re-production.

2. the brightness difference
The LCD projector has around 160 Watts. and Cine C5 only 35 watts
The brightness, C5 is better and more natural.
the uniformity has also a big difference. The C5 has more than 85% uniformity, and bigger one has only 35%.
3. The image blur in keystone status
From the photo, we can find the keystone correction is only 15~20 degrees at most.
but the image blur, caused by the traditional optical keystone correction method, is huge. From the photo, you can find there is a big big difference. When the top is still recognizable, the buttom is totally out of focus and can not be corrected.

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