Which is better AMD A6-4400M Accelerated Processor or Intel i5-2450M processorvi


Nov 26, 2012
I am buying a Samsung laptop. I do not do any gaming, but this PC comes with AMD and not Intel. I am confused as to which I should get. I only do basic "stuff". No graphics, no gaming, etc. Does it matter? If it does, then I will get a PC with Intel instead of AMD.


Oct 28, 2011
if it's significantly cheaper, buy the A6 if you wanna save up and only plan to do basic tasks, unless the build quality is real bad . i'm personally doing fine with an E-350, for office tasks, web browsing and videos, so you're getting a lot more with an A6.

if they're around the same price, buy the i5.
If you are just surfing, watching videos, listening to music, working in Excel, typing a document, reading a document, then both the A6 and the Core i5 can handle it.

4 years later when software or the internet becomes even more bloated (like 15 tiny little java apps running in the background and 30+ Adobe flash ads running in the background), then the i5 would likely handle all that crap better.