Which Laptop to choose from the links below


Dec 26, 2015
Heyho :)

Which machine would be the best to buy?

Like, build quality/cooling and whatever reasons you'll find to buy it :)

I'll list from cheap-to expensive with comments

* Cheap, 17", some articles say it gets pretty hot

* overall it seems to be okay

* or make the jump for..

* but would it be wise to spend so much more for 1070?...

The 15" versions cost ~50€ less, but I assume that the 17" will have better cooling... and yeah, the bigger display obviously.. :D

Hopefully, some of you can help us Q.Q



Dec 17, 2012

Fyi mediamarkt overpices most of their things quite a bit so I recommend looking in different stores. Also if you want good cooling, protability, looks and quality then the gigabyte aero 15 is the way to go. it's a 1300-1500€ machine that is amazing.


Hello, Paul:

I don't know what types of games you play, but a 6GB 1060 card will handle most, if not all, sophisticated AAA games currently available. I would only consider 8GBs of VRAM to be relevant for gaming on a 4K monitor. This typically requires a display port, which is only available with the 1070 machines.

A few games, like FallOut 4, can be expanded with an HD Texture Pack that needs 8GBs of VRAM to run, but games are typically designed for 2K resolution.

If the laptop is only going to be used for gaming, I would go for the MSI. MSIs enjoy a better reputation for heat dissipation design compared with the other brands. But heat is always going to be an issue with these powerful graphics cards, and you may not register any noticeable difference in real-life. This of course also depends on your particular gaming style: If you plan on gaming for several hours every day, the MSI will probably prove the most reliable choice, closely followed by the ASUS. Acers aren't known for high-quality materials; instead they tend to offer high specs at lower prices than the competition.

However, if the laptop is going to be used for other things as well, including productivity and mainstream entertainment, I would always recommend an IPS panel over a TN panel. Both Acers come with such a panel, and it will offer much better viewing for regular laptop use. If you want to use the laptop as a laptop, you should definitely consider one of the Acers, and the €2,000 version includes both an IPS panel and a display port. If you don't need a display port, then go for the €1,500 version instead.

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