which linux verision should I install to my laptop? pentium4 HT 3.2 GHZ 2GB ram

Eikonikos Eikon

Aug 9, 2013
Hi I have a laptop Hp pavilion pentium4 HT 3.2 GHZ 2GB ram. It is recommended for winxp. But recently I formatted my hard drive and I wish to find a linux distro for this laptop. I tried ubuntu 13.04 and it was running very slow. So I tried lubuntu 13.04 and I could not set dual screen to extended. Which linux distro is proper for this laptop?


Oct 4, 2006
I've been running OpenSuse 12.3 on a Dell Latitude D531, and have had very few problems with it, just an issue with the touchpad, but I use a wireless mouse anyway, so it hasn't been that big of a deal. I did have to install separate drivers to get the wireless card working, but that just took a few minutes.

Obviously, I realize that my laptop is completely different from yours, but as someone who is just playing around with Linux to learn it, I seem to have very little trouble with OpenSuse, although Ubuntu should work just as well.