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    Solved! can i add two more wireless speakers to my existing wirless 5.1 set up?

    sony ht-nt5 system
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    Solved! Auto shutdown HT and monitor

    Hello I have some issues... My setup is like this, from PC I have a HDMI cable to Samsung HT and from HT to the monitor another HDMI cable. Is there any possibility when I shut down the computer to also close/shutdown HT and monitor? Or at least the monitor when I'm closing the HT? I'm getting...
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    Solved! Sharp HT-SB602-no sound & no display

    My Sharp HT-SB602 suddenly stopped delivering any sound. I'm still seeing a blinking red light near the remote sensor but the display is completely dark. I tried unplugging for an hour and but still nothing. Tried resetting but no display and nothing happened.
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    Solved! How to connect AirPods to my TV (Sony 55x8505c) or sound bar (HT-CT780)

    I tried to connect my AirPods to my tv or sound bar without success. If someone know the process I’ll be happy to be helped
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    Onkyo HDMI issues ever resolved?

    I have an old Onkyo HT-RC160 that has developed the well documented HMDI capacitor issue. It is nearly 10 years old and has served me well. With this HDMI issue being apparently so widespread through their receivers, I was curious if they were ever able to successfully solve the problem in...
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    Solved! Sony HT-RT3 Power failure

    Hi, Suddenly my Home Theater stopped working. I am experiencing power supply failure to it. What is the best approach to resolve the issue. Thanks Santosh
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    Solved! How to connect DVD player in Sony HT-RT3?

    How to connect DVD player to Sony HT-RT3
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    Sony STR-D715, can I hookup a Klipsch passive subwoofer (HT-SK5 S-PM Silver).

    Reciever has no subwoofer output. Reciever has A and B speakers. Subwoofer is passive and has 1 positive and 1 negative.
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    Auto Volume Control on Sony HT-XT1

    I have a Sony HT-XT1 sound bar. Great sound BUT I can't get one feature to work. It is the "automatic volume leveling". It just does not work! Watching movies is painfull.
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    What kind of remote can I get to work with my Samsung multi disc home theater model number HT-Z520?

    I can't find a replacement remote for Samsung home theater system model number HT-Z520, remote number AH59-02131j. Can anyone help?
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    How do set music to play on my Sony HT-RT3 rear surround speakers.

    When I play music on my Sony HT-RT3, the sound does not come from the rear surround speakers. How do get to set music to play
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    Solved! how do i connect my LG47LB650V to my SHARP HT-SB30 sound bar

    how do i connect my lg47lb650v to my sharp ht-sb30 sound bar.
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    Using ARC to connect 4 tv's to one HT amp.

    I have 4 TV's in one room, all Samsung RVU ready (Directv tuner built in). I'm trying to connect them all to my HT Amp using the HDMI(ARC) port on the tv and the varioius hdmi inputs on my HT amp. Should this work or do the hdmi inputs need to be ARC compatible. Seems like it should work if I...
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    Do I need a preamp to connect a Tape Deck to an Onkyio HT-2398 Aux input and where to get it?

    Do I need a preamp to connect a Tape Deck to an Onkyio HT-2398 Aux input and where to get it?
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    My Onkyo won’t power on

    I can’t get my Onkyo HT-R593 to power on. Can someone help
  16. F

    Got a HT-S3800 5.1 receiver want to use different center channel

    i have a onkyo HT-S3800 thats rated nominal at 6 ohms but i want to get a klipsch center channel for it thats rated at 8 ohms. would my receiver be pushing too much power just for that one channel since the rest of my speakers are at 6 ohms?
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    How to connect sony soundbar ht-s100f to sony tv kdl40w667e

    The sound bar is detected buy when i click the youtube button on the remote, it doesnt play any sound. Connect sceen just says please select the desired tv channels with the tv’s remote control
  18. M

    Help with ARC hdmi

    I have a smart LG iOS and and LG HT System, I want to use the HT system as an audio output from the tv but I’m not getting any audio, even though I have the tv on hdmi arc audio out
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    Solved! Onkyo HT-RC460-1 A/V cutting out randomly

    Long time reader, First time Poster. I have an Onkyo HT-RC460-1, a few years ago I sent it back to Onkyo for repair as the unit completely stopped sending video via HDMI but was still sending sound. They repaired it out of warrenty for just shipping costs. recently it has started an odd...
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    PC to Onkyo amplifer 7.1 HT setup

    Hi I am setting up my PC to Onkyo amplifier to get 7.1 HT system. Here is my setup: I connect the TV to the HDMI outut from PC for display and use toslink connection from PC to Onkyo amplifier for audio. When I read the forum, an expert says the tosklink connection wont support Dolby TrueHD...
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    How to connect android box to 5.1 home theatre

    How to connect android box (Cubetek CB4KTX2) to 5.1 home theatre (Sony HT-IV300). Please suggest. i am able to connect it with blutooth but i want to connect it with digital port. Below are Product link : android box...
  22. U

    HT-CT Sound bar and sub woofer

    Hi. I have a HT-CT290 sound bar, with a Sony tv. The sound bar is working but the sub woofer is not. The light doesn’t work either. I heard it supposed to be green, orange or red? It doesn’t even light up. I’ve had this system for about 6 months. PLEASE HELP!!
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    Samsung home cinema system HT-H7500WM - crackling speakers

    Could someone tell me what could be the source of the crackling sound of the front side speakers, that repeats every 10-20 seconds with variable intensity? I tried to exchange the speaker cables, after that the crackling could have been heard from the center speaker, therefore I assume, the...
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    Home theater system

    Hello I have a home theater system called samsung ht-j5500w I am trying to get a center speaker for it but am having trouble selecting which one would work. The specs page for the the ht-j5500w blue ray home theater player is this on page 47...
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    Solved! Connection additional speakers to Sony HT BDV E4100

    Hello techies, I have a Sony HT BDV E4100, all connected and Good. I want to know whether any extra speakers can be connected to it or not. I have two 100W speakers from a very old Phillips powerhouse audio system. Kindly help. In need of your expert advice. Thanks Ram.V
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    How do i connect a Toshiba tv to Sony sound bar

    How do I connect a Toshiba 49u5766db tv to a Sony ht-ct290/ht-ct291? Ive connected the hdmi and the thin cable. On my lg tv all i had to then do is change the output to the sound bar. There doesn't seem to be that option on this tv. Cheers
  27. DzOnIxD

    I want to use HT system as an amplifier for my pc

    I have a Panasonic sa-pt160. It has 4 regular speakers, 1 center speaker and 1 subwoofer for a 5.1 setup. The problem is that it only has one stereo and one scart input. Can anyone tell me if it is possible for me to use more than 2 speakers from that system? I don't want 5.1, but I do want to...
  28. Howster

    Dvd audio issues on home theater

    Hi, I have a Samsung 5 Series 1000W 51Ch 3D Smart Bluray Home Theater - Model: HT-H5500W/ZA and some Dvd audio won't play through its built in bluray player. Same dvd audio will play perfectly through other DVD players direct to TV though. I have Dallas box set DVDs and the menu background...
  29. M

    outputing dolby truehd audio through usb

    is it possible to output dolby trueHD through USB? if so, how?... i tried playing the trueHD files on my newly bought SONY HT-IV300 hometheatre has the dolby TRUEHD logo on it,but it says "audio format not supported"(i'm getting the video though).does this mean i need to buy a bluray...
  30. S

    I am trying to install a Sony HT-CT290 soundbar to an Emerson LF391EM4 TV that does not have an ARC or HDMI ARC connection. P

    I am trying to connect a Sony HT-CT290 soundbar to an Emerson LF391EM4 TV without an ARC or HDMI ARC capabilities. Please help!
  31. F

    How to play sound on my sony dz650 from ps4

    I have a sony home theatre DAV DZ650, sony PS4, sony led klv 32ex330. The problem is i can't play the sound from ps4+tv to my ht. My setup is PS4 hdmi -> tv -> hdmi ht. I don't have optical cable since i have 2 hdmi cables which i plug it from my ps4 to the tv, and from tv to the ht. Would...
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    how to conecct home cinema samsung ht-x20 with smart tv samsung

    how to conecct home cinema samsung ht-x20 with smart tv samsung
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    how to connect Ht-RT40 sur sound to onkyo 676 receiver?

    How to connect sony surround sound HT-RT40 with HDMI connector from sony subwoofer to Onkyo receiver TX-NR676 ?
  34. T

    Bose acoustimass ht wall mounts

    I have an old speaker set... the bose acoustimass ht... and I am missing 3 wall mounts: the 2 rear speaker mounts and 1 center cube speaker mount... I am in desperate need of these mounts so if anyone knows where I could buy them or if anyone could help me find out, I would appreciate it so...
  35. N

    looking for solution

    how can i make my samsung ht-e350k home theater work with my mxq? pls
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    can i use 8 ohm speakers instead of 3 ohm on sony HT ?

    i have sony BDV E2100 with 3 ohm small speakers ,so i want to replace front speaker of my old sony HT which is 8 ohm, MAY any damages?
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    Connecting old HT sub to new reciever

    I have a ss-ws95 subwoofer from old sony home theater setup, Now I upgraded to onkyo tr 676 receiver and mono price 11565 setup, the old sub has speaker wire, no power How can I use the old sub, where should I connect to in receiver, the receiver is a 7.2 system Thank you
  38. K

    Bought a Samsung HT j5500w

    i just bought a Samsung HT j5500w home theater everything but the rear wireless ish speakers was working.I did an update on the system and now everything is messed up. The front two speakers are on the same bank the center is on the left bank and the sub doesnt work at all.And still no rear...
  39. J

    Samsung HT-J5500W audio issues

    I have the Samsung HT-J5500W. The speakers work for direvtv and for the blu-ray/dvd player, but not for Hulu, etc.?
  40. S

    How to get 5.1 surround sound from PC HDMI to TV?

    First my TV is connected to lg ht 806 5.1 surround system by Aux optical With a PS3 connected to TV through HDMI I can choose 5.1 surround and it just work With a PC I can't choose 5.1 in speaker setup It would only show stereo or mono My graphic card is RX 480 And my mainboard is MSI 970 Gaming
  41. R

    how can i connect my sony ht rt40 with samsung 40h5100 led and Tatasky hd box together

    how can i connect my sony ht rt40 with samsung 40h5100 led and Tatasky hd box together
  42. I

    Home theatre problems. Samsung HT J5550K

    Hi all, Please help me. I just bought Samsung Home Theatre HT-J5550K. Connected to the TV via HDMI and just subwoofer and 1 front is working. Four other parts of set are not working at all. Connected BD Movie via USB, sound is good but just from two working devices. I checked all the...
  43. I

    How to connect echo dot to Sony HT-AS5

    Hey, I recently bought the echo dot thinking my old Sony 5.1 Theatre system (HT-AS5) would have a 3.5mm jack to support it. Naturally it doesn't, now before I go out and buy a new speaker system I was just wondering if there is any way to hook up the echo dot with the sony system. I've attached...
  44. N

    How do I hook up an old Durabrand model HT-395 HTS with no hdmi to a vizio DVD player and Sanyo tv.

    How do I hook up an old Durabrand model HT-395 HTS with no hdmi to a newer Visio DVD player and Sanyo tv. I cannot get sound when watching tv. I also have satellite.
  45. H

    Sony Home Theatre HT-RT3

    I have the sony ht rt3 system and Its other speakers are not working other than front left and right when I connected it with analog cable to pc but when operated via Bluetooth or usb , every speaker beats. what can I do to make its every speaker work from my pc Thanks
  46. A

    Rear speakers to Sony HT-CT780 soundbar

    Is it possible to add rear speakers to my Sony HT-CT780 Soundbar. It has Bluetooth, but unlike 790, I don't believe it supports rear speakers over wifi. Is there a work around to improve the surround when watching films etc?
  47. R

    need help please

    Please I have samsung ht-jk5500k model the subwofer , the right and left front speakers are working but the surround and the central speaker not playing please help me?
  48. A

    Samsung tv samsung hometheatre stb connectivity issues

    Hi. I have a Samsung TV (ua55es7500), a samsung HT system (HT-e4500) and a STB. I have connected the stb to hdmi dvi and HT system to hdmi arc in. The HT system has only 1 hdmi out. When i select external speakers on the tv settings I still dont get the audio from the HT speakers.also i have set...
  49. N

    Help connecting older surround sound to cable box with no hdmi cord

  50. S

    Laptop 3.5 Jack to Surround Sound 3.5 Aux. Input

    Just purchased a Samsung HT-c650w Surround Sound System. I honestly, do not know which one it is, could be a 5500 or something, the guy I bought it from told me he thought it was from the 650 series or something. Anyhow, the receiver, it has this written on the back ah63-02058u. It does look...
  51. wsstunt

    How do i play aux?

    I have a Samsung HT-DB770 and I can change which aux it will play but i don't know where the aux slots are located and how to use them? theres 2 at front but they are not for playing music
  52. J

    Home theater best buy

    I m going to buy HT for my lg 42 smart 3d tv im seriously doubt between products can you guys help me to buy it Samsung HT J5550WK Sony BDV E4100 Lg BH6340H What is the best sound system and which super quality and with highest durability of the quality and sounds Please help me ASAP
  53. B

    how to connect bluetooth adaptor for 5.1 Ht-H4500R/XL samsung home theater. is it works?

    I have 5.1 Ht-H4500R/XL samsung home theater. i want to play music from mobiles and listen from Home Theater wireless. How i do get the arrangements? is it works?
  54. C

    Add 2nd TV & wireless speakers to Onkyo HT-S5100 7.1 Channel Receiver?

    We have a 7-year old Onkyo HT-S5100 7.1 Channel Home Entertainment System in our living room. We're adding a TV and wireless speakers outside. Can use our existing receiver and connect it to the TV outside and project the sound through the wireless speakers? What do we need to make this happen...
  55. J

    Rear speakers won`t link with reciever

    Samsung Model # HT-J5550WK.The rear speaker receiver Model # SWA-7000 will not link up with the main unit. followed instructions and code 0-1-3-5 got nothing but blinking blue led. I live on the 5th floor,I`m ready to see if they fly as good as they sound!
  56. A

    Onkyo AV Receiver not recognizing new DVD player via HDMI

    Onkyo AV Receiver HT-SR800 doesn't see HDMI signal from new LG DVD player. Plugged into HDMI1 input, thru setup set HDMI1 as DVD... says no signal regardless which input gets selected...
  57. W

    New Hisense TV and Old Panasonic Home Theator

    I have been using my Panasonic SA BT300 home theater (HT) to play audio from my TV via an optical digital cable. It has worked great for 5 or more years. However, I just purchased a new Hisense TV from BestBuy to replace my older LG TV. The new TV is 4K, smart, etc. but I cannot get the digital...
  58. A

    Samsung HT Question

    Is there a way to connect my Samsung HT-em54c to my TV to hear audio as I did not buy any of the speakers, or do I need the speakers in order to hear audio?
  59. A

    how connect sync audio from STB to TV and HT

    Hi friends, i have sanyo tv with two HDMI ports but no optical port, STB is connected to TV via one HDMI, HT connected to TV via one HDMI,,,,,STB audio was synchronising with TV and HT please suggest how connect...but im having optical port in both STB and HT, is there any possible to SYNC...
  60. H

    Surround sound with a TV box on a home theater

    Dear Experts help me to find a way out for the question I have. I have a home theater system(HT) (SamsungHT-E350) which is 5.1 system. and the Tv box I have is the MXQPro. Now my question is how can I connect the TV box to the home theater to get 5.1 surround sound. My HT does not have any...