how to connect Ht-RT40 sur sound to onkyo 676 receiver?

I am going to assume that you want to use the speakers from the Sony HTS.
The Sony 3 front and 2 rear speakers can connect to the speaker terminals of the Onkyo if you remove the Sony connectors from the speaker wire. Make sure that you keep the plus and minus wires connected the same way for all of the speakers.
The Sony subwoofer however is not self amplified so leave it connected to the Sony.
Connect the subwoofer out of the Onkyo to the Sony main unit analog input and that should drive the sub for you.
All your sources go to the Onkyo receiver.


Dec 4, 2017



Dec 4, 2017
forgot to mention that the subwoofer has only 3.5m analog input, I was told it is for connecting to the phone. the main input to the subwoofer is HDMI ARC which is connected to TV HDMI ARC. I tried to connect RCA to the Onkyo sub woofer out to the 3.5 mm analog input and got no sound from my subwoofer...any other idea? need help badly...
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