Connection additional speakers to Sony HT BDV E4100

May 1, 2018
Hello techies,

I have a Sony HT BDV E4100, all connected and Good. I want to know whether any extra speakers can be connected to it or not. I have two 100W speakers from a very old Phillips powerhouse audio system. Kindly help. In need of your expert advice. Thanks
You would have to get an impedance matching speaker selector. That would connect to the front speaker output terminals of the main unit. Both the Sony and Philips speakers would connect to the selector. You could use either of both. The selector protection would have to be on.
The Sony and Philips speakers may not accept bare wire like the selector so you would have to mess around a bit with the wiring,
HTS systems do not have accurate power ratings so how loud you can get the Philips to play by themselves is a question you can only answer by trying it. For surround sound I suggest you use the system as is.
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