Solved! which one of these two gaming laptops is better?


Dec 30, 2017
Hello I'm Phoebe and I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop for gaming photoshop illustation autocad and general use. I want it to last me at list 5 years and not to be too outdated in the next 4 years also i travel a lot because of my major so i need it to be durable and not to easily break
My must haves are
-15.6 inch screen
-intel i7
-GTX 970M/GTX 1050 Ti /GTX 1060
So i have found two models that i liked
The alienware 15R2 (with the 4K touchscreen)
And the MSI GP62 7REX leopard pro
Both are in the price range of the 1.400€ in my country
So I like them both but im concerned about the screen in the alienware because its a touchscreen so im not sure that it will last(because the touchscreens tend to easily break and not last for long) and a lot of poeple are conplaing that they overheat a lot
Now for the MSI i dont really know the brand at all and im not sure that it will last me and that it will be as durable as i need the laptop to be
So can you please tell me your opinion whitch one would you prefer and why and maybe offer me an alternative.
Thanks for your time guys :) :) :)
4k is not worth it for laptops, the icons and text will end up being too small.

MSI is as good of a gaming laptop brand as any no issues about getting one.