Which one would be great (GE72 vs GL552) and others


Mar 27, 2014
hi everyone and have a good day

well just like the title I wanna ask something about GE72 and GL552
both of the have same spec
ssd 128 or 256 GB (think I will choose for 128GB cause I don't need it that much, maybe just for OS, office and some others editing app like photoshop etc)
GTX 970M 3GB
i7 4720 (2.6 Ghz)
The price difference is no more than 100USD (MSI is more expensive here in Indonesia)

but still I have some questions since still a few people use or know about GE72 from MSI

I will be using it for high end gaming (GTA V, Crysis, Assassin Creed, BF, etc) and some app editing or graphic like corel or photoshop (that's why I choose 16GB of RAM)
(nice thermal will be good, I really hate when my laptop get hot)
the weight is not a problem for me since I will not carry it everyday and just put in in the car also my college doesn't need laptop that much
so i'm only bring it if I have group tasks or something like that

I dont need the laptop now, it is okay to wait a little while since I have Lenovo Y50

FYI: Asus Service Centre in here is really really bad, so its really annoy me since i'm an over prepared person
Also I have read some reviews from new**g that GL551 commonly has bad SSD and almost every day get a bluescreen (dont know why)

(actually I want the G751 or GT72, but I don't have enough money now. so is it will be nice if I wait till I have enough money and buy G751 or GT72 at the end of the year when the skylake already shows up (compare it in the same spec, once again I need ur suggestion please) or just buy the one that i wrote above ?)

so which one will be good for me?
the MSI GE72 or ASUS GL552
(and please make a suggestion too if I have enough money which one will be good GT72 or G751 in the same spec)



You really can't get much better than the GTX 970M, a tremendously powerful GPU that's about as powerful as a desktop GTX 960. Upgrading to a laptop with a GTX 980M is often not worth the massive premium. Between the GE72 and the G751, I'd probably pick the ASUS G751, due to its excellent IPS LCD display, where the GE72 only uses a TN panel.
Personally I would pick the g751 as I have only used asus laptops and not msi. But I have heard good things about them.

Out of the asus gl and the msi ge laptops, it depends on if you want portability. The gl is lighter but has more of a risk of overheating than the msi.