Why are several settings MISSING from my Nvidia GeForce GT 940M Control Panel?

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I'm having an HP Pavilion 15 ab219tx laptop PC with these specifications:-

-Intel Core i5-5200u processor (2.20 GHz)
-8GB DDR3 RAM at 1600 MHZ (1 X 8GB)
-Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS (build 10240)
-Intel HD Graphics 5500 and Nvidia GeForce GT 940M GPU

Whenever I open the Nvidia Control Panel, I always see ONLY the 3D Settings options, and I NEVER see the other options relating to Display, Scaling, Image, Video, etc. My current driver version is 364.72.

Moreover, the DxDiag Tool reveals that my main 'Display' GPU is the Intel HD 5500, while the 'Render-Only' GPU is the Nvidia GT 940M. Does that mean that I CANNOT use the Nvidia GPU for display stuff at all? And I DON'T have the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel TOO!! I have read some reports that those 'missing settings' on the Nvidia Control Panel are those that are conflicting with those of the Intel HD Graphics, and that those must be customizable through the Intel Graphics Control Panel. BUT I DON'T HAVE THAT AT ALL!!!

It's really painful for not having the options to customize the display, aspect ratio or image settings, because many of the older games (the ones that mainly use DX9 and DX10) such as GTA-San Andreas, Just Cause, COD4, etc, run with BLACK BARS and FLICKERING GRAPHICS (although at good performance, but poor visuals).

So what am I supposed to do now? Keep in mind the following:-
-I CANNOT upgrade my Intel HD Graphics driver by uninstalling the previous one (already tried).
-I CANNOT disable ANY of the GPUs from the BIOS menu (that option doesn't even exist).

Please help me out. This problem is really frustrating.


Please do try doing a clean install of the graphic card driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Nvidia graphics driver under Display Adapters.
- Next is to open Programs and Features then uninstall anything related to Nvidia.
- Once uninstalled, download and install the latest driver.
- Here's the link: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx
- Reboot the laptop once the driver has been installed.
- After the reboot do also set Nvidia as the default GPU.
- Here's how: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2615/~/how-do-i-customize-optimus-profiles-and-settings%3F

Hopefully this steps will help. :)
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