why does my laptop not run games properly?


Nov 6, 2013
hello, i bought an msi gs70 stealth and it does not seem to be running games properly.
it has a gtx 765 which is more than enough to run games like arma II but when i launch it on the lowest settings it is very laggy, i know that there is a problem as my mate who has the razer blade , which has the same graphics card, cpu etc and it can run the game max settings fine at around 30-40 fps.

thanks in advance for any help,
new laptops (gaming ones) have two video chipsets the intel onboard the gpu to save battery power and the power hungry gaming gpu. you may have to go into the bios and set the power profile to make the gaming gpu stay on or you may have to disable the intel gpu to make the gaming gpu the main gpu. run gpu-z and see what video chipset it reading??