why won't it let me use the goggle chrome or any e ( that little sign)


Oct 2, 2009
Did you want me to be more specific?
Well, if the rig is offline then none of the browsers will allow you to connect to anything.
You need to get into the web developer tab under the main files tab of a Firefox browser and remove the Work Offline tick.
Same thin under EI just under the main Files tab in the Top Tool Bar, you ought to see that it is online.

If this is the case for a Cell Phone as it's been posted under that section, then you need to go to the internet settings, that is, access point settings.
Firstly are you connected using the GSM network , provided by the service provider? or a WiFi network?
Then you need to basically, edit the AP settings or ask for fresh ones to be sent to your cell by the provider.
then you need to see that the DNS entries are forwarded to your Cell phone in the router settings, if that doesn't work then you need to setup the DNS entries under the AP settings advanced section your self to the same ones provided to you by the ISP to your Router.