Why wont my android tablet turn on


Dec 29, 2012
Yea, so my android 4.0 Le Pan tablet will not turn on. I was watching a movie on it and i fell asleep to it but it was on the charger and i woke up and i tried to open it up but it just wouldnt turn on ...... so i went bowling with some of my friends and i put it on its charger thinking that maybe it just didnt charge that nite. When i came back it still would not turn on . the only thing that shows up is the little icon on the screen that shows that it is supposedly charging. Please Help to all those awsome peeples out there willing to help a bro ..............THNX


Sep 14, 2010
I'm not sure if I can help or not as I don't own a tablet, however, they are just like any other computer as far as hardware goes.

Anyhow, if it has a removable battery, remove it and leave it out, and try just powering the tablet with the electrical cord plugged into the unit and into the wall socket to see if it turns on that way.