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Wierd graphical glitch.


Jun 19, 2015
So. I'm feeling nostalgic, and decide to install Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition (from GOG), on my windows 7 partition, on my Macbook Pro (2014 model). (I've had the same game installed on my "old" desktop - where it worked like a charm.

Now, when I enter the game, everything seems to work fine. I experience none of the glitches or bugs that are common for this game. However I do experience something new entirely. In-game, the chat(talk)bar isn't showing, but when I turn the camera, it blinks or flickers. I press escape to exit the game, and suddenly my options menu has become totally transparent. I can see the nameplates of the different menu-options, and they are clickable.

I've tried verifying the integrity of the game files. I've tried reinstalling. I've tried critical rebuild patches. I've tried different compatibility modes. I've tried updating drivers. I've tried getting the game files from an alternate source. I've tried messing with every graphical option in-game. I've tried changing CPU affinity. I've tried messing with Visual themes, desktop composition, and display scaling. I've been searching online for someone with similar problems, and have yet to come across anything.

I've linked to a couple of images of the phenomenon. I feel like I've exhausted my options, and my technical know-how. I know this is probably a longshot, but hey - if you have any ideas as to what is the cause of my problem, please feel free to enlighten me. I am starting to think it might be a hardware issue.

Sometimes it shows: http://imgur.com/lSI4VAO,iAos0Q5#0

Sometimes it doesn't: http://imgur.com/lSI4VAO,iAos0Q5#1

I would show an image of the nauseating flickering, but it's hard to capture.

Many thanks in advance - R.W.

Louise Porkolt

Nov 25, 2014
hi there,
Have you set the compatibility settings in WIN7 ? That helps for most older apps.
Or maybe you should install an older version of windows as a virtual machine !
Try installing WinXP or winXP SP1 and try the same. be sure to check all drivers are set and compatible !

let us know !
Cheers, Louise.
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