WiFi can't connect to the network Windows 8


Apr 2, 2014
I recently got HP envy 15 j001tx with Windows 8.
My WiFi router is in the next room.
WiFi was working perfectly fine for me for 2 days.
But now its showing "can't connect to the network" in my room.
But when I go inside my WiFi router room I am able to connect it and even after bringing it in my room, I am still able to use it but if I disconnect it and try to connect it again its shows "can't connect to the network".

Austin R

Feb 27, 2014
I had this issue before, I had to disable my WiFi on my computer for 10 seconds then retry to connect. If I disconnected then reconnected right away I would get the same issue.
I had to do a clean install on my OS (not for this reason) so I didn't have to fix the issue.
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