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    Question Can not open or any other IP addresses (inside Network) + no Network discovery

    Hi So, I had this issue for a quite while now. whenever I try to open any addresses such as (my router's setting page) or others such as (my DVR) or any other addresses I get an instant "unable to connect' and it won't open the page. (On other devices I am able to open...
  2. M

    Solved! dell 3521 suddenly can't connect to any wifi!

    hello there guys i'm having a very annoying problem with my dell 3521 laptop a few days ago suddenly wifi stopped working! i can't connect to any wifi, other devices can what i tried so far to solve this problem: 1- forget saved networks, try to connect again, nothing 2- cmd, ipconfig /release...
  3. Z

    Solved! So Confused, Please Help!

    Hi there. something weird happened to a laptop i just purchased. I set up the laptop and set the full computer name to my name. I moved into a new place, connected to my new flatmates network. As I was applying for jobs online I hit the browse button to locate my resume and it said that it was...
  4. L

    Solved! my pc connects with hotspot but says no network access

    It connects with my phone but says no network access while i am trying to ho to internt what should i do with the problem on my laptop
  5. J

    Accessing my TVs HiFi system from my PC through the home network

    Hey y'all I need some help setting up a home network. I have a windows PC connected to LAN/internet via a UTP cable. I'm interested in buying a smart TV, which I'm only planning to use to stream video and audio to from my windows PC. Most importantly, I plan on adding HiFi speakers to this...
  6. N

    Dell XPS 13 9370 wifi dropping only on home wifi

    Hello, I have a relatively new (2 month old) xps 13 9370 and it has been having an issue with the wifi at home where it will randomly lose connection and then reconnect itself after about 10 seconds. It only happens on this machine and only happens on my home wifi. I have roommates with other...
  7. J

    How to add an access point to WLAN

    I have a Virgin Media Hub 3.0 (not out of choice) provided by my ISP giving me a stable 100+Mbps download speed even at peak times. In total there are 4 of us in the house. We each have various devices (laptops, consoles, internet enabled TV sticks,etc) My dilemma: We have a 3 story house. The...
  8. T

    Do I have a trojan on my network?

    So I connected my printer to scan some documents but was coming up with an error so i went to the canon support page and chatted with the person online, they were unable to assist me so i got on the phone with a guy and he had me download gotoassist to assist me with my printer issue. Well one...
  9. E

    Cannot Access DVR from outside network

    ok so I'm retyping all this cuz I some exit the browser LOL SO I bought this new DVR which doesn't have a brand name nor a product name the cameras r connected to it and it sees em and records and things are cool But I'm having problems with the Dvr network Setting As I said I cannot access...
  10. P

    Samsung TV un60h7150afxza - wireless and cabled internet issues + remote issues

    The issue(s) started with the WiFi dropping out, periodically. I down loaded and installed the latest firmware. Now it won't stay connected more than a minute or so. The wired network connection worked up until a week or so ago, now it won't connect or only connects for a short period of time...
  11. A

    Deceptive site ahead !!

    Hello Dears. when i visit the following site <removed by moderator> from any computer in my network and From google Chrome ONLY !, it's giving me the following error "Deceptive site ahead Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or...
  12. T

    LG Gram No Network Connections

    When I put my laptop into by bag before work, all was well and it worked perfectly. But, a few hours later when I took it out and wanted to check my email I had no available connections. In fact I have no network adapter anymore. I've tried installing all of the internet related drivers from the...
  13. E

    Factory Reset GTN8000

    I installed kingoroot and rooted my tablet and now it has no network access. I would like to reverse this. Can someone please help me. This is everything I tried without success. 1. Using the settings menu to factory reset. 2. Power button + volume up key 3. Samsung KIES (connection is taking...
  14. Paul Wagenseil

    Net Neutrality Won't Save the Internet. Competition Will

    Breaking up broadband monopolies to provide real competition, not net neutrality regulations, will give Americans faster, cheaper broadband. Net Neutrality Won't Save the Internet. Competition Will : Read more
  15. S

    No network access

    No network access
  16. J

    Solved! Smart TV cannot access a specific site

    My office just bought Samsung Smart TV UAM5500 55". In my office, to be able to access the internet, all users must connect to a network, then login to local network engine to input username and password. I can always access using ethernet cable or Wifi via laptop or PC. However, it is a...
  17. J

    Solved! Laptop randomly disconnects from wifi, even on different operating systems

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 17" 5758 running Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 16 (came with windows 8). I got it a few years ago, and for the past year or so I've been experiencing issues where it would randomly disconnect from wifi. On windows 10, I would be using my internet connection, then...
  18. T

    Solved! WiFi - Denied Access to Network

    This is a weird problem that I've never seen before. Maybe someone has a solution? I changed my normal broadband connection to Fibre Broadband yesterday with a new service provider. I'm using a WiFi router D-Link DIR-816 and I was able to connect to the WiFi network without any issues. There...
  19. G

    Internet Speed Tools and Apps Ranked Best to Worst

    We test-drove all of the internet speed test options so you can easily tell whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your ISP or wireless carrier. Internet Speed Tools and Apps Ranked Best to Worst : Read more
  20. J

    Windows shortcuts that will PLAY in Android

    I have a large and varied collection of Videos, ordinary film, animated film, children's cartoons etc. When I add a new video to the various folder lists I have no way to know what has been seen and since we will frequently view out of date sequence, perhaps by year, we cannot sort
  21. canadianvice

    Online tracking software (for statistics?)

    I have this project to do in class, and the basic premise for what I've decided on will involve tracking how many visits I make to specific domains. Is there an easy program to use that will help me do this? I use Win10 64x Chrome browser. Additionally, is there such a thing available for Android?
  22. KiL3MaNjAr0W

    Challenge by my Security+ Professor

    Okay so my professor for Net+ has offered a challenge to his students that will be enrolled in his Security+ class next semester. The challenge is getting passed his network security and obtaining his windows product code if successful we will not have to attend a class or complete an assignment...
  23. Z

    how to trace update servers?

    i have this annoying software that automatically updates when pc restarted so my question is, how to trace its server location?ip update server? because i want to block it in my host just answer my question pls, i know some of you will tell me to leave it just there but i have my reasons and...
  24. T

    Help Me Decide on Monitoring Service

    Hello all! New to the forum, but a longtime reader. I've been looking into beefing up the reliability of my sites, and am somewhat torn between a few options. Monitis seems to be the best bet for what I need, but Nessus and Trustwave are also considerations. For those who have gone this route...
  25. iNonEntity

    Can Trojans infect other computers on a network

    I have a secondary computer I play with and use for downloading apps before using them on my main computer to make sure they aren't viruses. I recently did get a virus on that secondary (I'm thinking a trojan), so I disconnected the ethernet cable and wiped the hard drive and started over as...
  26. W

    PLEASE HELP! I think I was DDoSed?

    It was while playing a game of csgo. I got disconnected from everything. My router was blinking like crazy, unplugged and replugged it several times. For around 30,45mins NOTHING worked. I decided to change my IP address, but I didnt do it by signing in the router, i did it by settings on my...
  27. K

    Good free VPN

    Hello, I am looking for a completely free VPN that does not have bandwidth limits. I mainly want to get a vpn that protects me from ISP's looking at what I have been doing/streaming. I also connect to a semi-public network (something like school wifi), so I do not want the owners of the network...
  28. D

    Virus compromising network?

    I recently got a message from my internet provider telling me that there had been 62 accounts of copyright infringement from my network in the last 90 days. While I have certainly downloaded items in the past, it was nowhere near that much. Also, it was for many things I have never heard...
  29. I

    Asus x553m drivers problems

    I've got this laptop today, and in box i found just drivers for Win8, but i'm using win7, soo i cannot find network drivers, or even connect to network. I have no idea what network card does it have, so i dont know what driver to download. Any help?
  30. N

    Virus removal blunder

    Hello, I recently had my first experience with a virus. It started suddenly when I was watching YouTube in fullscreen and was unable to move the mouse our escape fullscreen. I decided to reboot the computer and when it came back online I was unable to open any applications. At this point I had...
  31. K

    i purchased an iphone 4 on ebay for straight talk and its verizon. the seller sent a network access code card with it and i al

    Need help activating phone
  32. I

    Internet extremely sluggish and occasional "server not found" on firefox.

    Hello everyone I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop. So long story short my ISP had a problem ("Unidentified Network") with my whole house yesterday, fixed the internet in 2 days , then only skype was working but firefox said "server not found" and other browsers didn't respond at all. Then I...
  33. I

    Can't connect to my modem by ethernet

    Hi all I'm having a very annoying issue which came out of nowhere. I'm connected to my modem by ethernet with my laptop, and all of a sudden today when I came home, everything looked normal, all the lights were flashing, the ethernet sends and receives packets, but can't connect to anything...
  34. G

    Android tablets only connected to 2 PCs on network

    So, here's the situation: In my house there are 5 PCs (all running Windows 7, Home Premium x64) connected to a router, 4 via ethernet cables and 1 via wireless adapter. All shared folders can be accessed by Everyone. No problems. Then we get 2 tablets (Google Nexus 7 & Samsung Galaxy Note...
  35. GreenEyedBiter

    Unlock the network of an American Iphone4???!

    I got given an iphone4 when I was in The States, it was originally on the network AT&T, which is an American network and cannot be received here in the UK. I've been told that I can get it 'unlocked' so that it will work on any network in any country, however upon contacting Apple, they told me...
  36. A

    confused about carrier network locks and unlocking

    i wanted to buy the LG G2 unlocked version. i saw one product on eBay ( lg G2) where it was written that it was unlocked smartphone.but still there was written that it is an At&t phone- what does this mean? will I be able to use the phone for making calls and using 3g in other countries outside...
  37. S

    WiFi can't connect to the network Windows 8

    I recently got HP envy 15 j001tx with Windows 8. My WiFi router is in the next room. WiFi was working perfectly fine for me for 2 days. But now its showing "can't connect to the network" in my room. But when I go inside my WiFi router room I am able to connect it and even after bringing it in my...
  38. G

    DDoS Attacks: What They Are, and How to Defend Against Them

    When hackers bring down a website, they're not really damaging it; they're just blocking your access to it. Here's how distributed denial-of-service attacks work, and what website operators can do to avoid being knocked offline. DDoS Attacks: What They Are, and How to Defend Against Them ...
  39. L

    how to retrieve deleted pictures on samsung galaxy tab 3

    i accidentally deleted photos on my galaxy tab. is there anyway i get retrieve them?
  40. K

    Best way to manage huge FLAC library on laptop & smartphone?

    I have a huge music library, most of it being FLAC. It totals around ~400 GB on a portable hard drive that I have shared on my network right now, because it's just not practical to keep all this music stored on my laptop. Here's my dilemma: When I use MusicBee to stream all my music across my...
  41. D

    Network Access

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have a home network set up on XP Pro file sharing print sharing etc. What I need to know is how can I get my PPC to browse my network correctly? I have a wireless ADSL Combi switch (both UTP and wireless on same switch) and my PPC...
  42. G

    1X network access...

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?) Ok... got a cable at radio shack today to use on a business trip and will give to daughter to use with her vx3200.... got it working with the vx7000 and thought I'd try it with the vx3200 (we're going on a trip this weekend and that...
  43. G

    Question about network access?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have an ipaq h2200 which I want to connect to the internet with Bluetooth. My desktop has a Bluetooth adapter and I can connect to the ipaq, no problem. The problem is that my desktop is actually sharing an internet connection with...